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you can query to obtain a reference to a DefaultBinder object should you want one . When a binder object has its methods called, the methods will be passed parameters to help the binder make a decision . Certainly, the binder is passed the name of the member that is being looked for . In addition, the binder s methods are passed the specified BindingFlags as well as the types of all of the parameters that need to be passed to the member being invoked . Earlier in this chapter, Table 23-2 described the following BindingFlags: Default, IgnoreCase, DeclaredOnly, Instance, Static, Public, NonPublic, and FlattenHierarchy . The presence of these flags tells the binder which members to include in the search . In addition to these flags, the binder examines the number of arguments passed via InvokeMember s args parameter . The number of arguments limits the set of possible matches even further . The binder then examines the types of the arguments to limit the set even more . However, when it comes to the argument s types, the binder applies some automatic type conversions to make things a bit more flexible . For example, a type can define a method that takes a single Int64 parameter . If you call InvokeMember, and in the args parameter, pass a reference to an array containing an Int32 value, the DefaultBinder considers this a match . When invoking the method, the Int32 value will be converted to an Int64 value . The DefaultBinder supports the conversions listed in Table 23-4 .
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Before discussing the various Oracle date functions, let s first review the syntax to specify date/timerelated constants (or literals), using predefined ANSI/ISO SQL standard formats. Table 5-7 shows the syntax for the literals and examples. Table 5-7. Syntax for Date/Time-Related Constants
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The function declares the @orders variable and initializes it with an empty string . The query in the function uses a special T-SQL assignment SELECT syntax . It scans the qualifying rows, and for each row it assigns a value to the @orders variable . The value is the current content of @orders concatenated with the current orderid value and a semicolon as the separator . Important Microsoft has no official documentation describing this aggregate concatenation
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When the M2 method starts to execute, its prologue code allocates memory for the local length and tally variables from the thread s stack (see Figure 4-5) . Then the code inside method M2 executes . Eventually, M2 gets to its return statement, which causes the CPU s instruction pointer to be set to the return address in the stack, and M2 s stack frame is unwound so that it looks the way it did in Figure 4-3 . At this point, M1 is continuing to execute its code that immediately follows the call to M2, and its stack frame accurately reflects the state needed by M1 .
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FIGURE 10-2 Video display after sizing the MediaElement.
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Windows Home Server . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .375 Summary. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .380
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Attribute Declaration
1 28 1582 3000 Next date Month minimum +1 1 28 1582 3000 Next date Month maximum -1 1 28 1582 3000 Next date Month maximum 1 28 1582 3000 Error Msg. Month maximum +1 0 1582 3000 Error Msg. Day minimum -1 (31-day month) 1582 3000 Next date Day minimum (31-day month) 1582 3000 Next date Day minimum +1 (31-day month) 1582 3000 Next date Day maximum -1 (31-day month) 1582 3000 Next date Day maximum (31-day month) 1582 3000 Error Msg. Day maximum +1 (31-day month) 1582 3000 Error Msg. Day minimum -1 (30-day month) 1582 3000 Next date Day minimum (30-day month) 1582 3000 Next date Day minimum +1 (30-day month) 1582 3000 Next date Day maximum -1 (30-day
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To view or modify the authentication protocols enabled for a dial-up connection on the remote access client, open the properties dialog box of the dial-up connection on the client, and click the Security tab. Figure 10-7 shows the default settings on the Security tab: the Typical (Recommended Set tings) option is selected, and the Allow Unsecured Password setting is selected. If you click the Advanced (Custom Settings) option and then click the Settings button, the Advanced Security Settings dialog box opens. This dialog box, also shown in Figure 10-7, reveals the specific authentication protocols enabled by the current setting. Notice that the unencrypted authentication protocol PAP is enabled. The authentication protocol SPAP is also enabled. Although it encrypts authentication data, SPAP is not considered secure because it always sends each password over the network in the same reversibly encrypted form. Thus, the protocol is susceptible to replay attacks.
<register type="MyNewObject" name="Special Customer Object"> ... </register>
Application The executable program name of the application Version The version number of the application Failure Type Whether the application stopped working or stopped responding Date Date of the failure
To have no default action for a given optical media type, choose Ask Me Every Time .
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
The Menu and TreeView controls can bind to hierarchical data sources implementing IHierarchicalDataSource or IHierarchicalEnumerable . Although they are tailor-made to support site maps, they also work with other data sources . Figure 11-1 shows the Menu control in action, and Figure 11-2 shows TreeView in action . Both are reading the data from the site map data source to populate themselves .
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