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User Defined Aggregate: Union and Dissolve
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Two networked computers, named Computer1 and Computer2, each running Windows Server 2003. Computer1 should be assigned a static address of, and Computer2 should be configured to obtain an address auto matically. Computer2 should also have an alternate configuration address of Connected each computer s modem to a separate phone line (highly recommended). Installed a DNS server on both computers. Computer1 hosts an Active Directory integrated primary zone named domain1.local, which accepts only secure dynamic updates. Computer2 hosts a standard secondary zone of domain1.local and the delegated subdomain of sub.domain1.local as a standard primary zone. Computer1 hosts a standard stub zone of sub.domain1.local. Configured Computer1 as a domain controller in the domain1.local domain and Computer2 as a member of the domain. The domain functional level is Windows 2000 mixed mode. Installed a DHCP server on Computer1. The DHCP server is authorized in the domain and includes the scope Test Scope whose IP address range is Through DHCP options, the scope assigns a router (gateway) of, a DNS server of, and a DNS domain name of domain1.local. Installed Windows Support Tools on both computers. Installed Network Monitor on both computers. Deleted any dial-up connections configured on either computer.
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If you think these sentences are fun to read, you can only imagine how fun they were to write in the first place!
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A scalar input parameter must be provided with a value when the stored procedure is invoked, unless you assign the parameter with a default value . For example, the following code creates the GetCustOrders procedure, which accepts a customer ID and datetime range boundaries as inputs, and returns the given customer s orders in the given datetime range:
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Hash Algorithm : 0x00008004
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Understanding Groups 185 Creating Groups 187 Working with Groups Managing User Roles 189 195 199
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As I mentioned earlier, you can also calculate ranking values within partitions (groups of rows). The following example (which generates the output shown in Table 4-21) calculates row numbers based on the order of qty and empid, for each manager separately: SELECT mgrid, empid, qty, ROW_NUMBER() OVER(PARTITION BY mgrid ORDER BY qty, empid) AS rownum FROM dbo.Sales ORDER BY mgrid, qty, empid;
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Unlike running reports from the entity grid ribbon, you can only choose to run a contextual report specific to the open record. Figure 13-6 shows the output if you run the Account Overview report directly from the Variety Store (sample) account record.
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Part II Designing Types
Page 11-69
To ease developing, the Char type also offers several static methods, such as IsDigit, IsLetter, IsWhiteSpace, IsUpper, IsLower, IsPunctuation, IsLetterOrDigit, IsControl, IsNumber, IsSeparator, IsSurrogate, IsLowSurrogate, IsHighSurrogate, and IsSymbol . Most of these methods call GetUnicodeCategory internally and simply return true or false accordingly . Note that all of these methods take either a single character for a parameter or a String and the index of a character within the String as parameters . In addition, you can convert a single character to its lowercase or uppercase equivalent in a culture-agnostic way by calling the static ToLowerInvariant or ToUpperInvariant method . Alternatively, the ToLower and ToUpper methods convert the character by using the culture information associated with the calling thread (which the methods obtain internally by querying the static CurrentCulture property of the System.Threading.Thread class) . You can also specify a particular culture by passing an instance of the CultureInfo class to these methods . ToLower and ToUpper require culture information because letter casing is a culture-dependent operation . For example, Turkish considers the uppercase of U+0069 (LATIN LOWERCASE LETTER I) to be U+0130 (LATIN UPPERCASE LETTER I WITH DOT ABOVE), whereas other cultures consider the result to be U+0049 (LATIN CAPITAL LETTER I) . Besides these static methods, the Char type also offers a few instance methods of its own . The Equals method returns true if two Char instances represent the same 16-bit Unicode code point . The CompareTo methods (defined by the IComparable/IComparable<Char> interfaces) return a comparison of two Char instances; this comparison is not culture-sensitive . The ConvertFromUtf32 method produces a string consisting of two UTF-16 characters from a single UTF-32 character . The ConvertToUtf32 produces a UTF-16 character from a low/ high surrogate pair or from a string . The ToString method returns a String consisting of a single character . The opposite of ToString is Parse/TryParse, which takes a single-character String and returns its UTF-16 code point . The last method, GetNumericValue, returns the numeric equivalent of a character . I demonstrate this method in the following code:
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A group or event calendar is an excellent opportunity for your site to become the central source for event information relating to your site s topic. It can also allow you to cater to specific geographic sectors of your target audience. If you ve visited the extremely popular Craigslist web site (, you may have noticed that all classified and job postings are broken down by geographic area (Los Angeles, Bay Area, San Diego, etc.). Communities that grow within a geographic sector often have the most potential for depth.
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