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Garbage collection Exception
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Let s get started by setting up the application layout. 1. Create a new Silverlight application in Visual Studio 2008. Name it Ch8_ISExplorer and allow Visual Studio to create an ASP.NET web application called Ch8_ISExplorer.Web to host your application. When the project is created, you should be looking at the MainPage.xaml file. If you do not see the XAML source, switch to that view so that you can edit the XAML. The application should take up the entire browser window, so begin by removing the Width and Height properties from your base UserControl.
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PageCatalogPart EditorPart The EditorPart control allows users to define customizations, such as the modification of property settings, for the specified Web Part.
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WebResponse defines the GetResponseStream method, which returns a stream that is used to read the content returned by the server. See the example at the start of this section for a demonstration of reading content with the response stream.
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Encapsulation is the ability for an object to have certain methods and attributes available for use publicly (from any section of code), but for others to be visible only within the class itself or by other objects of the same class.
Frequently, developers implement servers to use one thread per client request . However, a 32-bit process can create no more than about 1,360 threads before running out of virtual address space . This means that a server using the one-thread-per-client model can t operate on more than 1,360 clients simultaneously . However, I modified my program to construct a bunch of PipeServer objects, and in a 32-bit process, I was able to create over 4 million of them before running out of memory . So the asynchronous model allows many more concurrent clients, uses fewer resources, processes clients faster (due to reduced context switches), improves garbage collection time, and improves debugging performance, too! What else could you ask for
Creating a Custom Web Server Control
Determining Whether the Security Update Pertains to You
Demo #2: Cross-AppDomain Communication Using Marshal-by-Value
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