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All tracing output you'll generate will go to files in the same directory as the executable process. Each file will have the following format: <EXE Name>_<Process ID>_<Thread ID>.FTL When you open an individual file, you'll notice it's a binary file. Each FastTrace output string is stored with a sequence number so that when merging the files together, the appropriate order can be maintained. Additionally, each output string can have an optional timestamp. To keep FastTrace simple and fast, I chose to limit the length of a string to 80 characters. If you're running a debug build, you'll get a SUPERASSERT assertion to help you cull out longer strings. If you want longer strings, you can simply redefine MAX_FASTTRACE_LEN in FastTrace.H and rebuild the FastTrace solution. The function SetFastTraceOptions allows you to set the three options for FastTrace by passing the FASTTRACEOPTIONS structure as a parameter. The first option lets you turn on write through writing. You might want to turn this on if you're chasing down a crash and 665
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Improving the situation in branch offices was one of the main goals during the development of Windows Server 2008. Features in Windows Server 2008 address the concerns of a branch office in three areas: cost control, security, and business agility. Table 14-1 summarizes the features designed in Windows Server 2008 to overcome branch office challenges.
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Note The Hibernate configuration file shown in Listing 4-20 references all of the mappings in the TechConf application. If you are coding along for the example at hand, you can comment out the mappings that have not been created yet to have a working Hibernate XML configuration.
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Lesson Review . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-25
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31. Layout and Style
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Focus on the Table Spool operator, which represents a temporary table holding the session count for each distinct combination of app and starttime values. Because you didn't isolate distinct app and starttime values, the optimizer elegantly does the job for you. Notice the number of rebinds (14) and the number of rewinds (999,986). Remember that a rebind means that one or more correlated parameters of the join operator changed and the inner side must be reevaluated. That happens 14 times, once for each distinct pair of app and starttimemeaning that the actual count activity preceding the operator took place only 14 times. A rewind means that none of the correlated parameters changed and the prior inner result set can be reused; this happened 999,986 times (1,000,000 14 = 999,986). Naturally, with more realistic data distribution for our scenario, the count activity will take place many more times than 14, and you will get a much slower query. It was a mistake to prepare the sample data by simply copying the rows from the small Sessions table many times. The distribution of values in the different columns should represent production environments more realistically.
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ArgumentError: No name present
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There s a direct binding between the Designer s controls and your source code; if you return to the Designer, select a widget (say, the push button) and look at the right-hand side of the window (Figure 3 7). You ll see a list of properties for the widget you ve
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The Extent of Geography Objects
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CHAPTER 3: Working with the Nokia Qt SDK
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Allocation Unit Size The default value is 4 KB sectors. This is a reasonable balance, but choose a larger size, such as 16 KB or even 64 KB, if you know that this volume will only be used to hold very large les (such as a volume dedicated to virtual hard disks, for example, or large database les.) Volume Label Specify a meaningful label that identi es the volume. Perform A Quick Format
The Controlling department enters the monthly values calculated for the indicators in rows 12 through 23 . These are all percentages calculated from various reference values . Their display format with just a single decimal place is sufficient in this case, even for the lower values for Profit-Turnover Ratio, Absence from Work, and Employee Turnover . If, at any point over the year, data is not yet available to fill certain cells in accordance with the structure of this cell range, these cells are filled instead with the error value #N/A . These placeholders can then gradually be overwritten with the monthly values as they are calculated . This means that, at certain times of the month, some indicators will be calculated while others will not be available . However, thanks to the use of #N/A, the data series in the line chart will always be drawn correctly; i .e ., it will end at the exact position that represents the last existing data point .
Installing the underlying Windows Server 2008 Standard operating system can be done using any of the deployment methods supported by Windows Server 2008, but you will usually do it by booting from the Windows Small Business Server 2008 Disk1 and following these steps:
A. Incorrect: The example does not tell you the ID of the <h2> tag. Also, the .fadeIn() method
If you receive an error message indicating a damaged system file while you are running Windows and you have an account with administrative privileges (or access to elevated credentials), try running the command-line utility Sfc . Open the Start menu, click All Programs, click Accessories, right-click Command Prompt, and choose Run As Administrator . Respond to the UAC prompt . Then, in the Command Prompt window, type sfc /scannow . now . The utility will scan your system files and attempt to repair any damage that it finds . It might prompt you for Windows Vista distribution media in order to carry out its repairs .
If you try to import a video or audio file that uses a codec (a compression/decompression algorithm) that isn t already installed on your system, Windows Movie Maker will not be able to complete the import . To avoid this problem, you can have Windows Movie Maker download any codec it needs without intervention from you . To make use of this service, choose Tools, Options, and click the General tab . Then select Download Codecs Automatically . For some formats, you might have to install a codec manually, and with thirdparty codecs in particular, you re likely to encounter difficulties that won t occur using the standard codecs and formats included with Windows Vista . For more details on codecs, see Adding and Updating Codecs, 15 .
The Chart Template
Although the headlines are hidden in the Figure 9-25 examples, the visual power of the images is clear. The Setting slide (upper left) features a photo of a clockwork from iStockphoto with a simple text box added that reads Product Launch A to illustrate the hidden headline Product Launch A went like clockwork. The Role slide (upper right) features the same clockwork photo with a text box in the same position that reads Product Launch B, referring to the headline You d like to make sure Product Launch B goes just as smoothly. Instead of the text boxes here, you could use the logos of the products.
Maintaining a Network Infrastructure
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