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B. Incorrect: The Network Shell utility (Netsh.exe) can perform a wide range of
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#define MEMDEBUG_REALLOC(lpBSMDVINFO , pBlock , nSize)
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FIGURE 18-12 The Contact Information for an existing Active Directory contact that is being mail-enabled
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SELECT arrid, array, n FROM dbo.Arrays JOIN dbo.Nums ON n <= DATALENGTH(array) AND SUBSTRING(array, n, 1) = ',';
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The DNS Events log records DNS server errors. If you are having problems with DNS, you can check Event Viewer for DNS-related events.
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using (XmlReader reader = db.ExecuteXmlReader(cmd)) { // use the reader here }
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Working with Client-Side Scripting, AJAX, and jQuery
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<ResourceDictionary xmlns="" xmlns:x="" xmlns:begSL2="clr-namespace:CoolDownButton"> </ResourceDictionary>
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text, XML, script, and JSON files.
hostnames are called A records, the records of which mail servers are associated with a hostname are called MX records. In the previous examples, you ve used special helper methods directly made available by the Resolv class, but to search for MX records, you have to use the Resolv::DNS class directly so you can pass in the extra options needed to search for different types of records: require 'resolv' do |dns| mail_servers = dns.getresources("", Resolv::DNS::Resource::IN::MX) mail_servers.each do |server| puts "#{} - #{server.preference}" end end
Although it s possible to check whether data is tainted and perform preventative actions to clean it up, a stronger form of protection comes with Ruby s safe levels. Safe levels allow you to specify what features Ruby makes available and how it should deal with tainted data. It s worth noting before we get too far that Ruby s safe level functionality is rarely used, so your use of it will probably be limited to very particular situations. Manipulating the safe level is unpopular, primarily because it can tread on the toes of what libraries can do on your system, and secondly because developers usually strive to develop code that s secure without needing to go to such lengths. An analogy would be that it s better to drive a car safely than to just have excellent airbags. If you do choose to use safe levels, however, the current safe level is represented by the variable $SAFE. By default, $SAFE is set to 0, providing the lowest level of safety and the highest level of freedom, but four other safe modes are available, as shown in Table 11-1. Table 11-1. Ruby s Safe Levels, As Represented by $SAFE
getName() Name getParameterTypes() GetParameters() getReturnType() invoke() ReturnType Invoke()
finds the byte that s set to 0. To determine the length of a Visual Basic string, the program just looks at the length byte. Visual Basic length byte is an example of augmenting a data type with an index to make certain operations like computing the length of a string faster. You can apply the idea of indexing for length to any variable-length data type. It s often more efficient to keep track of the length of the structure rather than computing the length each time you need it.
A compact format without unduly squashing those elements that convey information Good, identifiable, properly separated data points and easy-to-read labels All of these are sufficiently identifiable in a small print layout, both in a color version and grayscale printed version of a similarly good display quality
Using the REPLACE function to count occurrences of a string within a string is a trick that can come in handy. The following query shows the nal solution to the problem, including the position calculation:
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WSUS only supports Microsoft products. For non-Microsoft applications, you should look at System Center Essentials 2007, which will allow you to create custom deployment packages.
In 2, Building, Packaging, Deploying, and Administering Applications and Types, I ll describe metadata in much more detail . Microsoft s C#, Visual Basic, F#, and the IL Assembler always produce modules that contain managed code (IL) and managed data (garbage-collected data types) . End users must have the CLR (presently shipping as part of the .NET Framework) installed on their machine in order to execute any modules that contain managed code and/or managed data in the same way that they must have the Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) library or Visual Basic DLLs installed to run MFC or Visual Basic 6 applications . By default, Microsoft s C++ compiler builds EXE/DLL modules that contain unmanaged (native) code and manipulate unmanaged data (native memory) at runtime . These modules don t require the CLR to execute . However, by specifying the /CLR command-line switch, the C++ compiler produces modules that contain managed code, and of course, the CLR must
1. Create a user account for the answering router. This is normally done automatically by the Demand-Dial Interface Wizard. 2. Configure the Windows Server 2003 CA to issue Router (Offline request) certificates. 3. Request a Router (Offline request) certificate. 4. Export the Router (Offline request) certificate to a .cer file. 5. Map the .cer certificate file to the appropriate user account. 6. Export the Router (Offline request) certificate to a .pfx file. 7. Send the Router (Offline request) .pfx certificate file to the network administrator of the calling router. 8. Import the Router (Offline request) .pfx certificate file on the calling router. These tasks are described in detail in the following sections.
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