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These methods queue a work item and optional state data to the thread pool s queue, and then all of these methods return immediately . A work item is simply a method identified by the callback parameter that will be called by a thread pool thread . The method can be passed a single parameter specified via the state (the state data) argument . The version of QueueUserWorkItem without the state parameter passes null to the callback method . Eventually, some thread in the pool will process the work item, causing your method to be called . The callback method you write must match the System.Threading.WaitCallback delegate type, which is defined as follows:
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(Program Object) FeedbackToFile null
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Stub DNS servers host stub zones: abbreviated copies of a zone that contain only a list of the authoritative name servers for its master zone. A DNS server hosting a stub zone attempts to resolve queries for computer names in the master zone by querying these name servers listed. Stub zones are most frequently used to enable a parent zone to keep an updated list of the name servers available in a child zone.
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Disabling NetBIOS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4-7
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The publisher s public key is also embedded into the AssemblyDef manifest metadata table in this PE file . The combination of the file name, the assembly version, the culture, and the public key gives this assembly a strong name, which is guaranteed to be unique . There is no way that two companies could each produce an assembly named OurLibrary with the same public/private keys unless the companies share this key pair with each other . At this point, the assembly and all of its files are ready to be packaged and distributed . As described in 2, when you compile your source code, the compiler detects the types and members that your code references . You must specify the referenced assemblies to the compiler . For the C# compiler, you use the /reference compiler switch . Part of the compiler s job is to emit an AssemblyRef metadata table inside the resulting managed module . Each entry in the AssemblyRef metadata table indicates the referenced assembly s name (without path and extension), version number, culture, and public key information . Important Because public keys are such large numbers, and a single assembly might reference
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This property is used to obtain resources that are shown to an end user . It is most useful for GUI or Web Forms applications because it indicates the language that should be used when displaying UI elements such as labels and buttons . By default, when you create a thread, this thread property is set to a CultureInfo object, which identifies the language of the Windows version the application is running on using the Win32 GetUserDefaultUILanguage function . If you re running a Multilingual User Interface (MUI) version of Windows, you can set this via the Regional and Language Options Control Panel Settings dialog box . On a non-MUI version of Windows, the language is determined by the localized version of the OS installed (or the installed language pack) and the language is not changeable .
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Part II Solutions
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load requires a full filename, including the .rb suffix, whereas require assumes the .rb suffix.
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// Now, suppress the flowing of the Main thread's execution context ExecutionContext.SuppressFlow(); // Initiate some work to be done by a thread pool thread // The thread pool thread can NOT access the logical call context data ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem( state => Console.WriteLine("Name={0}", CallContext.LogicalGetData("Name"))); // Restore the flowing of the Main thread's execution context in case // it employs more thread pool threads in the future ExecutionContext.RestoreFlow(); ... }
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Lesson 1: Debugging Websites
Note Changing the order of fields doesn t impact the order in which columns appear in the Standard or
Silverlight (XAP)
Tip 4: Story Templates for Teams
Introducing Windows Small Business Server Understanding 64-Bit Windows Planning Your SBS Network 23 47 13
Each of these products provides rich functionality, and choosing the right ERP product for your business requires careful consideration well beyond what we can explain in this book. We mention these ERP products so that you know Microsoft offers software for these back-office departments, in case you re interested in automating that part of your business. In addition, Microsoft offers the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics software so that customers can synchronize customer records, orders, and invoices between front-office CRM and back-office ERP systems, as Figure 1-4 illustrates.
The InterfaceMethods and TargetMethods arrays run parallel to each other; that is, InterfaceMethods[0] identifies a MethodInfo object that reflects information about the member as defined in the interface. TargetMethods[0] identifies a MethodInfo object that reflects information about the interface s member as defined by the Type. 426
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