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Part V
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Description Gets or sets an IDbCommand used for deleting records from the underlying database.
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You may notice that the interface used to insert dynamic values in a check condition behaves a little differently from the interface for inserting dynamic values in entity records. In particular, you can insert dynamic values in a check condition by placing your cursor in the appropriate field and selecting the dynamic value in the Form Assistant. The user interface does not require you to click the OK button like it does when you insert dynamic values in an entity record.
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A driver has reported a device failure. Uninstall and reinstall the device. If that doesn t work, contact the device manufacturer. The device has been halted by an application or service. Restart the computer. The device has been prepared for ejection from a PCMCIA slot, a USB port, or a docking station. Unplug the device and plug it in again, or restart the computer.
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$1.24 exempt Carole Poland N/A $3.00 $1.24
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Connecting to and Querying Data with LINQ
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Correct Answers: A and C
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Best practices provide advice we have gained from our own
Setting Up Connection Manager in a Test Lab
Appendix D
Common Security Scenarios
The important question is, do you want prediction, or do you want control Tom Gilb
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