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Manipulate subnet masks to configure a supernetted address space Configure variable-length subnet masks to meet network requirements for subnets of
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Part II Designing Types
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27 I/O-Bound Asynchronous Operations
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The attributes shown in italic are new in ASP.NET 2.0. The rest of the declaration is identical to ASP.NET 1.x. Table 10-1 describes the role of each attribute defined in ASP.NET 1.x. Note how slight the difference is between ASP.NET 1.0 and ASP.NET 1.1.
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Part I Overview and Configuration
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1. Open the presentation/smarty_plugins/function.load_product.php file, and add the $mRecommendation member to the Product class: // Public variables to be used in Smarty template public $mProduct; public $mPageLink = 'index.php'; public $mAddToCartLink; public $mRecommendations; 2. Now you have to get the recommended products data in $mRecommendations, and create links to their home pages. Modify the init() method of the Product class as highlighted here: $this->mAddToCartLink = 'index.php ProductID=' . $this->_mProductId . '&CartAction=' . ADD_PRODUCT; // Get product recommendations $this->mRecommendations = Catalog::GetRecommendations($this->_mProductId); // Create recommended product links for ($i = 0; $i < count($this->mRecommendations); $i++) $this->mRecommendations[$i]['link'] = 'index.php ProductID=' . $this->mRecommendations[$i]['product_id']; 3. The last step to complete the product recommendations system for the product details page is to update the product template to display the list of recommendations. Add the following lines at the end of presentation/templates/product.tpl: {if $product->mRecommendations} <br /><br /> <span class="description">Customers who bought this also bought:</span> {section name=m loop=$product->mRecommendations} <br /><br /> {strip} <a class="product_recommendation" href="{$product->mRecommendations[m].link|prepare_link:"http"}"> {$product->mRecommendations[m].name} </a> {/strip} <span>{$product->mRecommendations[m].description}</span> {/section} {/if}
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C# [Export(typeof(ILoggerFacade))] public class CallbackLogger: ILoggerFacade { }
A Full-Access CSV Editor In 2, we looked at the XmlCsvReader class as an example of a custom XML reader. The XmlCsvReader class enables you to review the contents of a CSV file through nodes and attributes and the now-familiar semantics of XML readers. In this section, I'll go one step further and illustrate a full-access CSV reader capable of reading and writing the XmlCsvReadWriter class. The new class inherits from XmlCsvReader and modifies only a few methods and properties. The XmlCsvReadWriter class works by using a companion output stream in which each row read and modified is then persisted prior to reading a new row. The XmlCsvReadWriter class is declared as follows: public class XmlCsvReadWriter : XmlCsvReader 160
And here's the query you would use in SQL Server 2005: SELECT orderid FROM (SELECT * FROM dbo.OrderDetails PIVOT(COUNT(productid) FOR productid IN([2],[3],[4])) AS P) AS T WHERE [2] = 1 AND [3] = 1 AND [4] = 1;
Both the Choice and the Lookup column types allow users to select data from a drop-down list. Either option makes it easier for users to enter data, and gives you better control of your data and more consistency in the responses. What are the criteria for distinguishing which column type to use Follow these guidelines. Use Choice if the number of options is limited to less than ten. This is a good rule of thumb. You can list many more options than this, but you have to edit the column to modify the list. the list is relatively static; Gender, for example. you want to display radio buttons rather than a drop-down list. you want users to be able to select more than one option using checkboxes. Use Lookup if the list is longer than ten items. new items are regularly added to the list. you want to be able to select from a list of site members. Rather than re-creating this list, you can create a lookup based on the site s user information. you want the column to display presence information about site users. Presence information appears next to the column, and lets users know if this person is logged on to Microsoft Windows Messenger for online chats. The status is regularly updated each time the person logs in or out. the column is part of a larger list of data already maintained on the site or in an Excel spreadsheet (in the latter case, you have to import the spreadsheet before creating the lookup column). After you ve selected the Choice or Lookup column type, you cannot change to the other type without re-creating the column, so it s useful to evaluate your current and future needs carefully before selecting either of these column types.
As indicated above, many of these static methods have the [Conditional("CONTRACTS_ FULL")] attribute applied to them . Some of the helper methods also have the [Conditional("DEBUG")] attribute applied to them . This means that the compiler will ignore any code you write that calls these methods unless the appropriate symbol is defined when compiling your code . Any methods marked with Always mean that the compiler always emits code to call the method . Also, the Requires, Requires<TException>, Ensures, EnsuresOnThrow, Invariant, Assert, and Assume methods have an additional overload (not shown) that takes a String message argument so you can explicitly specify a string message that should appear when the contract is violated . By default, contracts merely serve as documentation as you would not define the CONTRACTS_FULL symbol when you build your project . In order to get some additional value out of using contracts, you must download additional tools and a Visual Studio property pane from The reason why all the
11. Repeat steps 8 through 10 for the Last Name field. 12. In the ribbon, click Save and then click Publish. Figure 11-8 shows the result of the Topic field once the First Name and Last Name fields have values.
Figure 11-36
in the real world you might be able to use the techniques in some circumstances. You certainly want the Event logs intact. A good practice is to save them. Then you can even evaluate them on a different computer. So, save the Event logs, and then clear them if you want to reduce the amount of information to look at and if you can repro duce the activity. You will not want to reboot unless you can ensure it will not adversely affect the production system or the people using it. Whenever you are trou bleshooting, keep in mind that the network s sole purpose is to support the business that runs it. That said, you must approach each troubleshooting effort as unique and make a decision about what to do and when. For example, if a system is not working, you might take a different approach than if you are just trying to fix a minor problem.
constraint violations. The first argument (9999) ensures that the upper limit will never become greater than 9999. At the end of Listing 6-1, we use ROLLBACK to undo our changes. The ROLLBACK command is explained in Section 6-5.
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