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task scheduler by querying TaskScheduler s static FromCurrentSynchronizationContext method . Here is a simple Windows Forms application that demonstrates the use of the synchronization context task scheduler:
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Table 4-20. Row Numbers, Determinism
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Case Scenario 2: Making a Web Application Accessible
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SELECT custid, orderyear, qty FROM dbo.PvtCustOrders UNPIVOT(qty FOR orderyear IN([2006],[2007],[2008])) AS U;
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Now you can work with both your data and a form open on your screen at the same time. When you click Split Form in the Insert tab, Office Access 2007 displays a form in the lower portion of Layout View. You can enter information in the form and it is automatically added to the table in the top portion of the window.
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As stated previously, task batching is the process of invoking the same individual task multiple times, each time with a subset of the original input items, where the input is de ned by the batches created for the task. See the following example, which is contained in the Batching02.proj le.
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VPN Deployment
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The advantage of this capability should be obvious. You can create policies that will handle different types of exceptions in different ways and, for each exception type, can have different messages and post-handling actions as well as different handler combinations. And, best of all, administrators can modify the policies post deployment to change the behavior of the exception handling as required. They can add new exception types, modify the types specified, change the properties for each exception type and the associated handlers, and generally fine-tune the strategy to suit day-to-day operational requirements. Of course, this will only work if your application code throws the appropriate exception types. If you generate informational exceptions that are all of the base type Exception, as we did in earlier examples in this chapter, only the handlers for that exception type will execute.
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By default, applications run with the Workstation GC mode, and the concurrent collector is turned on . However, a server application (such as ASP .NET or SQL Server) that hosts the CLR can request the CLR to load the Server GC . However, if the server application is running on a uniprocessor machine, then the CLR will load the Workstation GC mode without the concurrent collector . An application that self-hosts the CLR can tell the CLR to use the server collector by creating a configuration file (as discussed in 2, Building, Packaging, Deploying, and Administering Applications and Types, and 3, Shared Assemblies and Strongly Named Assemblies ) that contains a gcServer element for the application . Here s an example of a configuration file:
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multinets Multiple logical subnets configured on a single network segment. Multinets communicate with each other through a router. Jetpack A command-line utility used to compact databases. A stand-alone DHCP server implemented on an Active Directory net-
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The java.lang.reflect Package
Creating a series of dependent managed solutions is the most complex design strategy and should be used for larger ISVs and more complex Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployments. Dependent solutions can be as simple as sharing a component (such as a web resource or a custom license entity), or as complex as a library or module solution with which you build subsequent solutions. For instance, if you wish to reuse a similar entity component (such as a common license entity) between two solutions, you could develop each solution as an independent solution (each on their own organization), with each solution containing a copy of the license entity. Important If you choose the lightweight dependency approach, you must export and import
Jessica Arnold, Office Outlook 2007 Program Manager
Defining Your Own Attribute
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
Test cluster
In this chapter, you learned how to store the shopping cart information in the database, and you learned a few things in the process as well. Probably the most interesting was the way you can store the shopping cart ID as a cookie on the client because you haven t done anything similar so far in this book.
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