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Designing Active Directory Domain Services for Security
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Tip You can override the visibility of the vertical scroll bar, too. By default, it is visible, but you can turn it off (so that it is not displayed) by changing the VerticalScrollBarVisibility to False.
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2. On the Service Profile Selection page, click New Profile if necessary, and
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<% using (Html.BeginForm( AddQuestion , Surveys )) {%> <%: Html.ValidationSummary(true) %> <%: Html.Serialize("hiddenSurvey")%> <%: Html.Hidden("referrer", "addQuestion") %> <dl> <dt> <%: Html.LabelFor(model => model.ContentModel.Text) %> </dt> <dd> <%: Html.TextBoxFor(model => model.ContentModel.Text, new { size = "60" })%> <% } %>
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richer semantics . The default implementation of Match simply calls Equals and returns its result . The following code demonstrates how to override Equals and Match (which returns true if one attribute represents a subset of the other) and then shows how Match is used:
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In this scenario, a user browses to a survey, fills it out, and then submits his or her answers back to the Surveys website. The Surveys website puts the survey answers into a message on a queue and returns a Thank you message to the user as quickly as possible, minimizing the value of Tp in Figure 2. A task in a worker role is then responsible for reading the survey answers from the queue and saving them to table storage. This operation must be idempotent, to avoid any possibility of double counting and skewing the results.
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Capturing Trigger Options The default Trigger On option is set to Nothing, which means no triggers will be active. You can set up a trigger to alert you under certain key conditions. For instance, you can be notified when the buffer space is 25 percent, 50 percent, 75 percent, or 100 percent full. This might be your signal to take a look and clean it out before any packets are lost because of low buffer space. You might also decide to use the handy Pattern Match feature (selected in the figure), which allows you to type in a hex or ASCII representation of what you want to find. For instance, you could look for any instance of a clear text string of characters, and then, by using the Execute Command Line option, have a message sent to you saying that your text string was found.
TABLE 3-14
When creating a presentation solution, you must distinguish between the screen settings for the development phase and the screen settings for the view of the finished product . This is certainly true if you want to present the finished solution in full-screen mode . Even though the latter is now more elegant than before, some difficulties remain . You can t switch easily between a design view and presentation view, as you can do for example in PowerPoint . This is a problem because in Excel your available workspace is clearly smaller than the subsequent presentation area (see Figure 6-8) . It is generally not a good idea to use the zoom feature to compensate for the lack of space because, for many development steps, you have to zoom in rather than zoom out . Therefore, you must accept that the bothersome movement back and forth between the work view and the presentation view is sometimes unavoidable . The relevant commands are marked and numbered in Section C of Figure 6-11: 1. You can save and retrieve different combinations of screen-view settings as Custom Views by assigning a name to each view . When you click this command, a dialog box opens in which you can name and define the current screen display . To reproduce this view at any time, use the same dialog box to call the name that you assigned to the view . The Full Screen command produces a view that I call the presentation view . All elements with the exception of the Excel title bar are removed . Consequently, the maximum available area is displayed, which corresponds to the current screen resolution (for example, 1024 x 768 pixels, as used above) . However, for the version to be shown in public, it may be necessary to hide some of the additional work elements discussed in points 3 and 4 below . To exit the Full Screen view, you must press esc . 2. In the context described here, the options assigned to the Show/Hide command concern showing or hiding the following:
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