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Figure 10-13. Select the fields you want to display in your web part.
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Snap-In Name Link To Web Address
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Using SharePoint s Office Web Parts
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HttpChannel(IDictionary, IClientChannelSinkProvider, IServerChannelSinkProvider) TcpChannel(IDictionary, IClientChannelSinkProvider, IServerChannelSinkProvider)
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Controlling Stroke
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If you click Yes, your user name and password are encrypted, using your Windows logon credential and the website address as keys, and stored as binary data in a
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public sealed class ExecutionContext : IDisposable, ISerializable { [SecurityCritical] public static AsyncFlowControl SuppressFlow(); public static void RestoreFlow(); public static Boolean IsFlowSuppressed(); // Less commonly used methods are not shown }
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To recap: drawing objects are all graphical objects that you create yourself using the features and tools available in Excel 2007 (or in Word 2007, or in PowerPoint 2007) and/or the elements and contents of those objects that you can, to a certain extent, change as you wish . These include shapes (areas and lines), text boxes (as a special form of areas), and WordArt .
UAC provides an in-context elevation prompt experience, and if the user can provide a valid administrator user name and password, the elevated operation will succeed. For enterprises that do not want their users to have the opportunity to elevate, you can set this policy to automatically deny all elevation requests. By default this setting is Prompt For Credentials.
Leo Outliner
Event-based PM
Therefore, one of the caveats of an unmanaged solution is that you cannot automatically delete components by simply deleting the solution. To fully remove a custom component, you must manually delete it from the solution or use the Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK. We ll discuss importing and exporting solutions later in the chapter, but it is important to know that when you import an unmanaged solution into another Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 organization, it always overwrites the included components. This functionality is identical to previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Tip Although you can use the default solution for your changes, we recommend you create
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
In addition to Width (weight), Compound type, and Dash type, you ll mainly use the Arrow settings when you re determining the format of the line style . A summary of the possible combinations of Begin type, End type, Begin size, and End size is shown in the right half of Figure 5-19 .
Figure 12-3: How .NET Remoting marshals objects by reference. The .NET Remoting implementation of MBR provides for a proxy/stub pair and a physical channel for network transportation. The proxy represents the remote object to the client, as it simply mirrors the same set of methods and properties. Each client invocation of a remote method actually hits the local proxy, which, in turn, takes care of routing the call down to the server. A method invocation originates a message that travels on top of a channel and a transmission protocol. Each message passes through a chain of hook objects (called sinks) on each side of the transport channel. Sinks are nearly identical to Windows hooks. By defining and registering a sink, the programmer can perform a specific operation at a specific stage of the remoting process. Because the creation of the proxy takes place automatically, the programmer has little to do other than creating an instance of the target object and issuing the call. If the object resides in an external AppDomain, the remoting infrastructure creates a local proxy for it to perform the requested operation. But how can the code determine whether a given object is local, lives in a remote AppDomain, or just doesn't exist In spite of the sophisticated code that constitutes the remoting infrastructure, programming remote objects is mostly a matter of setup. Once the client has been properly configured, you normally create a new instance of the remote class using the new operator, no matter what type of class you're calling and where it resides. Clients must declare to the CLR which classes are remote and provide connection information. Remote objects, in turn, must be publicly available and bound to a given channel. The MarshalByRefObject Class Inheriting from the MarshalByRefObject class is the key that enables user classes to be accessed across AppDomain boundaries in applications that support remoting. MarshalByRefObject is the base class for objects that communicate across AppDomains. Serializable classes that do not inherit from MarshalByRefObject, when instantiated from a remote assembly, are implicitly marshaled by value. Other classes are simply considered nonremotable. So if you want to write a remote component that uses the network efficiently and always runs on the server, the only thing you have to do is create the class inheriting from MarshalByRefObject, as follows: public class NorthwindService : MarshalByRefObject 430
Assembly Loading and Reflection
Name Owner Time To Live
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