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Part II
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Sketching Your Storyboard
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internal sealed class SomeType { private static Int32 s_x = 5; }
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Figure 3-25 You determine which icons you want to be isible and which ones you want to be accessible only when you expand the notification area.
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Figure 12-1 A becomes 65, and 65 becomes A
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24 Runtime Serialization
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Once you have established your site profile and general plan, you can begin choosing the extensions that will provide the community features that you want. With Joomla, often a half dozen extensions provide nearly the same functionality, so choosing one can be difficult. The extensions highlighted in this section have been chosen for two reasons:
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Path Y: 56 Kbps Frame Relay
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Aggregating and Pivoting Data
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Accessing Data Through Sockets
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5. Data Types
11. On the Phone Book page, click Next.
<input type="submit" name="submitBetweenDates" value="Go!" /> <br /><br /> <span class="admin_page_text">Show orders by status</span> {html_options name="status" options=$admin_orders->mOrderStatusOptions selected=$admin_orders->mSelectedStatus} <input type="submit" name="submitOrdersByStatus" value="Go!" /> <br /><br /> </form> <br /> {if $admin_orders->mOrders} <table> <tr> <th>Order ID</th> <th>Date Created</th> <th>Date Shipped</th> <th>Status</th> <th>Customer</th> <th> </th> </tr> {section name=cOrders loop=$admin_orders->mOrders} {assign var=status value=$admin_orders->mOrders[cOrders].status} <tr> <td>{$admin_orders->mOrders[cOrders].order_id}</td> <td> {$admin_orders->mOrders[cOrders].created_on|date_format:"%Y-%m-%d %T"} </td> <td> {$admin_orders->mOrders[cOrders].shipped_on|date_format:"%Y-%m-%d %T"} </td> <td>{$admin_orders->mOrderStatusOptions[$status]}</td> <td>{$admin_orders->mOrders[cOrders].customer_name}</td> <td align="right"> <input type="button" value="View Details" onclick="window.location='{ $admin_orders->mOrders[cOrders].onclick|prepare_link:"https"}';" /> </td> </tr> {/section} </table> {/if} 2. Create a new file named presentation/smarty_plugins/function.load_admin_orders.php, and add the following code to it: < php // Plugin functions inside plugin files must be named: smarty_type_name function smarty_function_load_admin_orders($params, $smarty) {
/************************* Third Example *************************/ b = new Derived(); // Calls Dispose by using b's type: "Base's Dispose" b.Dispose(); // Calls Dispose by using b's object's type: "Derived's Dispose" ((IDisposable)b).Dispose(); } } // This class is derived from Object and it implements IDisposable internal class Base : IDisposable { // This method is implicitly sealed and cannot be overridden public void Dispose() { Console.WriteLine("Base's Dispose"); } } // This class is derived from Base and it re-implements IDisposable internal class Derived : Base, IDisposable { // This method cannot override Base's Dispose. 'new' is used to indicate // that this method re-implements IDisposable's Dispose method new public void Dispose() { Console.WriteLine("Derived's Dispose"); // NOTE: The next line shows how to call a base class's implementation (if desired) // base.Dispose(); } }
custom entities and fields are created from. You can change the schema prefix by navigating to Customizations in the Settings section. Then click Publishers and select the Publisher to edit the prefix for tab. The prefix must contain between two and eight alphanumeric characters, and it cannot start with mscrm.
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