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FIGURE 3-3 Metadata_01-35.proj result
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<identity impersonate="true" />
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Common Security Scenarios
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It is possible that multiple static classes could define the same extension method . If the compiler detects that two or more extension methods exist, then the compiler issues the following message: "error CS0121: The call is ambiguous
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Changing Fields in a Boxed Value Type by Using Interfaces (and Why You Shouldn t Do This)
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Smoke Tests In case you're not familiar with the term, a smoke test is a test that checks your product's basic functionality. The term comes from the electronics industry. At some point in a product's life cycle, electronics engineers would plug in their product to see whether it smoked (literally). If it didn't smoke, or worse, catch fire, they were making progress. In most software situations, a smoke test is simply a run-through of the product to see whether 50
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Figure 9-6. Editing a Expression Blend project in Visual Studio 5. 6. In Visual Studio 2008, double-click MainPage.xaml in Solution Explorer. Let s make a simple change to the application in Visual Studio. Modify the root Grid to add the following code shown in bold, to define a StackPanel with a TextBlock, TextBox, and Button.
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From these properties, there are three that are declared as arrays of ITaskItem objects and the remaining as a scalar ITaskItem. These could have been created using string[], but this would limit the information that we could gather from the values. Speci cally, a string object cannot have any metadata associated with it, whereas ITaskItem objects can. You will nd an example of the usage of this task in the following le, MoveExample.proj.
Media Center Extenders aren t the only way to share content over a network. If you have two or more Windows Vista computers, you can keep a library of media on one computer and access it from the other using Windows Media Player.
Table 1-6. Virtual Table VT2 Returned from Step 2
You might find more information about a networking problem with a visit to Network And Sharing Center. And, at the very least, it serves as a launchpad to various diagnostic tools.
This is useful for users who have images disabled in browsers or otherwise cannot see the pictures. Screen readers, which use speech synthesis to verbally read text on a webpage, can read alternative text descriptions. You can also set the Image.DescriptionUrl property to specify an HTML page that further describes an image, but you should only configure it if you want to provide a longer description than is possible with AlternateText. If an image is not important (such as an image that forms a border), set the GenerateEmptyAlternateText property to True to cause screen readers to ignore it.
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