Threading and Synchronization in visual basic

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Figure 9-37
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Notice how similar the User control is to the binary composite control . Both composite-style controls nest multiple single controls . They re very convenient ways of grouping rich Webbased user interface functionality into single units .
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Listing 2-5. Using the SQL*Plus LIST and CHANGE Commands SQL> L 1 select * 2* from employees SQL> L1 1* select * SQL> c/*/eename, bdate/ 1* select eename, bdate SQL> L 1 select eename, bdate 2* from employees SQL> Instead of slashes (/), you can use any arbitrary character for the string delimiter (separator) in the CHANGE command. Also, a space character between the C and the first separator is not mandatory, and you can omit the last string delimiter too. Now, let s try to execute the SQL command in the buffer again. The SQL*Plus command to execute the contents of the SQL buffer is RUN, abbreviated to R. Apparently we made a mistake; we get an Oracle error message, as shown in Listing 2-6. Observe the error message. First, it shows a line number indication (ERROR at line 1), and within that line, an asterisk (*) indicates the position where the error was detected. Listing 2-6 also shows a first attempt to correct the error and the erroneous result of our CHANGE command. Listing 2-6. Fixing Typos with the SQL*Plus CHANGE Command SQL> R 1 select eename, bdate 2* from employees select eename, bdate * ERROR at line 1: ORA-00904: "EENAME": invalid identifier SQL> c/e// 1* slect eename, bdate SQL> We removed the first occurrence of an e on the first line, instead of the e in eename. This is the default (and only) way the CHANGE command works. This means that you must be careful with this command and be sure to specify appropriate search strings for replacement. In this case, it would have been better to issue the c/ee/e/ command instead. You can also add text at the end of the current line using the SQL*Plus APPEND command, which is abbreviated A. Listing 2-7 shows how we can first fix the mistake, and then add one more column to the SELECT expression.
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We need two methods to handle sending emails to customers and suppliers. Add the MailCustomer and MailSupplier methods to the OrderProcessor class, located in business/order_processor.php: public function MailCustomer($subject, $body) { $to = $this->mCustomerInfo['email']; $headers = 'From: ' . CUSTOMER_SERVICE_EMAIL . "\r\n"; $result = mail($to, $subject, $body, $headers); if ($result === false) { throw new Exception ('Unable to send e-mail to customer.'); } } public function MailSupplier($subject, $body) { $to = SUPPLIER_EMAIL; $headers = 'From: ' . ORDER_PROCESSOR_EMAIL . "\r\n"; $result = mail($to, $subject, $body, $headers); if ($result === false) { throw new Exception ('Unable to send email to supplier.'); } }
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Migrating from APIPA or Alternate Configurations
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indicate that the markup in the file is a user control. You want to consume a user control on a page. However, you do not know the number of instances you want to create. This information will be available at run time. Therefore, you want to dynamically create these controls. Which actions should you take (Choose all that apply.)
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It s worth noting that RedCloth s output isn t immediately as clean as that from BlueCloth, but it s still valid HTML. code 39 generator download
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private string ConnString = SERVER= ;DATABASE=northwind;UID= ;"; public byte[] GetEmployeePhoto(int empID) { SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection(ConnString); SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(); cmd.Connection = conn; cmd.CommandText = SELECT photo FROM employees WHERE employeeid= + empID.ToString(); conn.Open(); byte[] img = (byte[]) cmd.ExecuteScalar(); // Must pass through a MemoryStream object because the photo // field on the Northwind.Employees table has a 78-byte prefix // to skip. Just return img if this is not the case for your database MemoryStream ms = new MemoryStream (img, 78, img.Length - 78); conn.Close(); return ms.ToArray(); }
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<profile enabled="true defaultProvider="AspNetAccessProvider > <providers> <add name="AspNetAccessProvider" type="System.Web.Profile.AccessProfileProvider" connectionStringName="AccessFileName" description="Stores and retrieves personalization data from the local Microsoft Access database file /> <add name="AspNetSqlProvider" type="System.Web.Profile.SqlProfileProvider" connectionStringName="LocalSqlServer" description="Stores and retrieves personalization data from the local Microsoft SQL Server database /> </providers> </profile>
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Part II Designing Types
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The XmlTextWriter object is still a stream-based component that needs a destination to write to. Unlike the Bitmap object, however, the XmlTextWriter object can be forced to write the output to a string. To do that, you initialize the XML text writer with an instance of the StringWriter object. The final string with the XML code can be obtained with a call to the StringWriter object's ToString method. The format of the XML text returned is shown here: < xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16" > <!-- Sales report for 1997 --> <jpeg Size="20146"> FFD8FF...E00010 </jpeg> Notice that the comment and the size of the file are strictly call-specific parameters. The Size attribute refers to the size of the BinHex-encoded text. As you'd expect, this value is significantly larger than JPEG size. Having that value available is not strictly necessary, but once it's on the client, it can simplify the task of transforming the XML stream back into a JPEG image. StringWriter and Unicode Encoding The XML output generated by the GetSalesReportBarChart method uses the Unicode encoding scheme UTF-16 instead of the default UTF-8. This would be fine if not for the fact that Microsoft Internet Explorer returns an error when you double-click the XML file. The error has nothing to do with the XML itself; it is more a bug (or perhaps even a feature) of Internet Explorer and the internal style sheet Internet Explorer uses to display XML documents. In general, UTF-16 is used whenever you write XML text to a StringWriter object. When a TextWriter object (StringWriter inherits from TextWriter) is passed to the XmlTextWriter constructor, no explicit encoding argument is allowed. In this case, the XmlTextWriter object transparently inherits the encoding set contained in the writer object being passed. The StringWriter class hard-codes its Encoding property to UTF16 there's no way for you to change it, because the property is marked as read-only. If you want to generate XML strings with an encoding scheme other than UTF-16, drop StringWriter objects in favor of memory streams. The helper class shared by the remotable object and the Web service is now ready to use. Let's look more closely at the remote service component. Writing the Remote Service Component As mentioned, a remotable component has just one requirement: the class that represents the object must be inherited from MarshalByRefObject. Unless you need to exercise stricter control over the object lifetime, you don't need to override any of the methods defined in the base class for MBR objects. Apart from the parent class, a remotable class is not different from any other class in the .NET Framework. All of its public methods are callable by clients, the class can implement any number and any type of interfaces, and the class can reference any other external class. Because we already put all the core code in the SalesDataProvider class, writing the remote service class ServiceSalesProvider is a snap. The class is a simple wrapper for SalesDataProvider, as shown here: public class ServiceSalesProvider : MarshalByRefObject 437
Relationship Between Access Control Structures
You are creating a custom web server control that extends the features of the ASP.NET Button control. Which steps should you take (Choose all that apply.)
Programs are written to set a number called a return value when they terminate, to indicate the results of the program. When programs are written according to these rules, you can use the symbols in Table B-2 to control a program s input and output, and to connect or chain programs together.
Understanding Administrative Shares
29. Select Kerberos for the authentication method, click Next, and then click Finish.
Tools used to analyze n-wise combinations of parameter interaction are only tools and rely on the tester's comprehensive knowledge of the complete system to be most effective. The output of any tool is limited to that tool's capabilities and the skill and knowledge of the person using that tool. A tool in the hands of an untrained or unskilled person appears to be ineffective and can be said to be a foolish tool; likewise, an untrained or unskilled person who attempts to use a tool she does not understand is simply a toolish fool. Microsoft SDETs primarily use the Pair-wise Independent Combinatorial Testing (PICT) tool for combinatorial testing of interdependent parameters. PICT is a highly customizable tool that overcomes many of the limitations of other available tools and in less time can help testers design tests that are more effective than manually generated test combinations are. However, using PICT (or any testing tool) and application of a combinatorial analysis technique are not a matter of simply identifying input parameters and variable states and feeding that data into a tool. The process requires the tester to perform an in-depth analysis of the feature being tested to identify directly dependent and semicoupled parameters, and decomposition of the parameters to define the appropriate variable states for each interdependent parameter. After the tester completes a comprehensive analysis of the feature and defines the variable states for each parameter, he is ready to apply a systematic procedure to determine a set of combinatorial tests: 1. Create an input matrix of BC tests.
Windows Server 2008 Web Edition
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