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This is the rst of three subphases that are applicable to a join table operator. This subphase performs a Cartesian product (a cross join, or an unrestricted join) between the two tables involved in the join and, as a result, generates virtual table VT1-J1. This table contains one row for every possible choice of a row from the left table and a row from the right table. If the left table contains n rows and the right table contains m rows, VT1-J1 will contain n m rows. The columns in VT1-J1 are quali ed (pre xed) with their source table names (or table aliases, if you speci ed them in the query). In the subsequent steps (step 1-J2 and on), a reference to a column name that is ambiguous (appears in more than one input table) must be table-quali ed (for example, C.customerid). Specifying the table quali er for column names that appear in only one of the inputs is optional (for example, O.orderid or just orderid).
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Installing TCP/IP . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2-42
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Run the following code to create an AFTER INSERT trigger called trg_T1_i on T1:
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Writable Directories
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Configuring Packet Filters
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This time, you get five more rows in the query result, marked in the same way with >>> and <<<, showing the number of employees per job, regardless of which department employs them.
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It s rarely helpful to change the default user rights assignments that come with Windows. Only for specific problems as directed by Microsoft or a reliable support document such as that in the Microsoft Knowledge Base should the user rights be changed from their default settings.
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Routing with Windows Server 2003
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SELECT DATEADD(year, DATEDIFF(year, '19000101', SYSDATETIME()), '19000101');
16 Caching Output
This method terminates the process without running any active try/finally blocks or Finalize methods . This is good because executing more code while state is corrupted could easily make matters worse . However, FailFast will allow any CriticalFinalizerObjectderived objects, discussed in 21, Automatic Memory Management (Garbage Collection), a chance to clean up . This is usually OK because they tend to just close native resources, and Windows state is probably fine even if the CLR s state or your application s state is corrupted . The FailFast method writes the message string and optional exception (usually the exception captured in a catch block) to the Windows Application event log, produces a Windows error report, creates a memory dump of your application, and then terminates the current process . Important Most of Microsoft s FCL code does not ensure that state remains good in the case
in the car to go somewhere, it was always in the same state parked and off. After I got in the car, I would take an action (pressing the green start button) to take the car to a new state running! From here, I usually put the car into drive (yet another state) and went to school. Sometimes I forgot something and had to return the car to the previous state (off) while I ran inside to grab my homework, books, or whatever else I missed the first time I ran out the door. I could also go from gear to gear whenever necessary. Technically, the car could be put into reverse at any time (I never tested that), but for simplicity, let's pretend that I had to put the car into neutral first, as shown in Figure 8-4.
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