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The reference variable to a Feedback delegate object, fbChain, is intended to refer to a chain or set of delegate objects that wrap methods that can be called back . Initializing fbChain to null indicates that there currently are no methods to be called back . The Delegate class s public, static Combine method is used to add a delegate to the chain:
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There s a lot you can do today to ensure that your application works correctly tomorrow. Much of this falls under the category test-driven development. The Internet has a lot of information that can guide you toward a test-driven development cycle. Some places to start include: Daily builds. You should build your application daily, if not more often, from your change control system. The resulting build should be at least smoke-tested to make sure that no major problems have crept in and, if they have, development should stop while you determine the root cause and fix it. Buddy reviews. Even if you don t go as far as a formal code review for all the code in your application, working with a buddy to review the code you commit to your change repository can help you spot both obvious and tricky coding errors. Compiler warnings. Compiler warnings are there for a reason: they tell you that you re doing something that isn t safe to do. After years of experience, we liken a compiler s
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Except for its two lines, the chart has no other visible elements . They were removed or hidden via the formatting .
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initsetup2.cmd are in the Scripts folder on this book s companion media.
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Working with Client-Side Scripting, AJAX, and jQuery
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a different location and then rebuild them after the migration completes.
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c. <anonymousIdentification enabled="true" />
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Troubleshooting TCP/IP Connections
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LISTING .3-2 . Source for BunchOfControls page using classic ASP
That s it! Go to the Template Manager (under the Extensions menu) in the Joomla Administrator interface. You will see your new template listed there. Click the radio button to the left of the template name to select it, and then click the Default button, as shown in Figure 6-3.
XAML <UserControl ...> <UserControl.Resources> <DataTemplate x:Key="CustomerViewTemplate">
There is a built-in tool that you can use to encrypt sections of your web.con g le. This tool is aspnet_regiis.exe and it ships with the .NET Framework. It was introduced in .NET 2.0. This tool can be used for many different purposes; in this section we will limit the discussion to using it to encrypt the web.con g le. When a section of the web.con g le, or machine.con g for that matter, is encrypted using the aspnet_regiis.exe tool, it is done such that the section will be decrypted on the y during the lifetime of the Web application. The encryption is transparent to the application code. When you use aspnet_regiis.exe to encrypt the con guration le, you will use the -pef switch to indicate what section needs to be encrypted. In this example, we will also use a WDP, an extension of those previously discussed. The WDP le for this example can be found in the WebApplication1_encWebCon g.csproj_deploy.wdproj le. The customizations that were made to the le are shown in the following snippet.
and configuration settings (for example, the AppDomain can have a different AppBase directory or different version binding redirections) . These policy differences might prevent the CLR from locating the assembly . If the assembly cannot be loaded, an exception will be thrown, and the destination will not receive a reference to the object .
Basic Expressions
MSBuild Deep Dive, Part 1
Windows Vista also reworks the system for sharing files and folders. In the Network and Sharing Center, you can specify different levels of security for sharing; on individual files and folders stored on NTFS volumes, you can specify which accounts and groups, if any, are allowed to access those files. Wireless networking in Windows has been steadily improving in both ease of setup and reliability since the launch of Windows XP in 2001. The wireless connection capabilities of Windows Vista, available in all editions, are remarkably easy to use, and the default configuration for new networks provides generally effective security when connecting to a public network.
is; it does not search for substrings by default. For example, if you search for 555-1212 and the contact s Business Phone field contains (312) 555-1212 , Microsoft Dynamics CRM will not find a match. The software tries to find all records that start with 555-1212 , but this record doesn t start with that value. To retrieve the contact in a search result, you need to search for (312) 555-1212 or (312) . Obviously, there may be times when you don t know the exact value you re searching for. Therefore, in Microsoft Dynamics CRM you can enter an asterisk (*) as a wildcard character in your Quick Find and Lookup searches. For example, if you do not know the phone number area code, you could search for *555-1212 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM would find the matching record.
Stub zones allow you to achieve the following benefits:
You can use the SpreadMethod property to determine how the gradient repeats. There are three possible values for SpreadMethod: Pad, Reflect, and Repeat. Pad fills the circle with the gradient as specified and is the default value. Figures 4-7 and 4-8 show a basic RadialGradientBrush with a spread set to Pad. Following is the XAML for a rectangle filled with a gradient brush with its SpreadMethod set to Reflect. You can see the results in Figure 4-9.
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