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Figure 16-8 Edit Anonymous Authentication Credentials to declare which identity is used for anonymous access to Web resources.
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This tool has only a few parameters that can be provided but is certainly a useful tool, so it should pose as a good demonstration task. From the usage of the tool we can see that we should create three properties that will be sent to the tool. Those properties are Zip le, OutputFile, and Overwrite. The only required property will be Zip le, because this is the only required parameter by the tool itself. Now we can take a look at the following task de nition.
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Application Layer Local Gateway Service Service
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hard drive, or dual-layer DVDs, for example to physically carry the data between the two computers. 1. Start the Windows Easy Transfer utility on both computers.
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{ this.lblColor.Text = "Error with R,G,B Values"; } } 4. Build and run the application to see what you get. Type 255, 0, and 0 in the Red, Green, and Blue text boxes, respectively, and then click the Try Color button. You should see the ellipse turn red. Just for the fun of it, if you leave one of the values blank or enter a value other than 0 through 255, you will see the error message.
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FileLoggerBase and XmlLogger
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Creating Custom Web Controls
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Access VPN Connections
(and not data services). Correct Answers: B, C, and D
As an example, the following INSERT statement inserts a new customer into the CustomerData table, with custid 101, and an XML value read from the le xml le101.xml into the xml_data column:
1 Introducing Silverlight 3
Before beginning an implementation of SQL Server Audit, it is useful to spend some time exploring the most important objects provided . This can help with visualizing the terminology used and to also understand the standard objects that have been delivered with the system . As we did with Extended Events, we ll start with coverage of the major objects that make up SQL Server Audit . Later we ll look at how we use them, by working through a full scenario involving them . Again, we ll also learn about some of the other objects while we are implementing the scenario . We ll finish this section with some details on viewing existing audits and managing them .
In this exercise, you use Network Monitor to capture a DNS query from Computer2. After Computer1 performs recursion to answer the query, you explore the capture and verify that new entries corresponding to the query have been loaded into the DNS Server cache. 1. Connect Computer1 to the Internet through the MyISP connection. 2. Log on to Computer2 as Administrator and open a command prompt. 3. At the command prompt, type ipconfig /all, and then press Enter. Because ICS has been enabled on the network, Computer2 now specifies, the address of Computer1, as its DNS server. Computer2 therefore resolves DNS queries through Computer1. 4. At the command prompt, type ipconfig /flushdns, and then press Enter. The resolver cache clears, which forces Computer2 to contact a DNS server to resolve all DNS names. 5. Switch to Computer1, open Network Monitor, and begin a Network Monitor capture.
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