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Incomplete Testing
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FIGURE 10-12 Using a dynamically added marker.
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The Adatum Web service implements its authorization strategy in the SimpleClaimsAuthorizationManager class. The service s Web.con g le contains a reference to this class in the <claimsAuthorizationManager> element.
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After you ve populated your desktop with icons, you might want to control their arrangement. If you right-click the desktop, you ll find two commands at the top of the shortcut menu that will help in this endeavor. To make your icons rearrange themselves when you delete one of their brethren, choose View, and then choose Auto Arrange. To
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Security Essentials
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You will find, however, that trying to issue a SELECT statement against the hidden table name will fail . If you want to see the contents of a queue, you can issue a SELECT statement against the queue name . This approach works because Service Broker creates a view on the internal table with the same name as the queue name . This view is not an exact view of the internal table . Some additional columns are created through joins with the metadata tables to provide names for values that are stored as internal IDs . One of the benefits of Service Broker is that you can see what messages are available in the queue with a simple SELECT statement . If you need to run a SELECT statement on an active queue, I suggest using SELECT * FROM <queue name> WITH (NOLOCK), because most Service Broker actions hold locks on rows in the queue . Queues are the only Service Broker objects that actually store data . Because of this, you can create a queue in a SQL Server schema and specify a filegroup in which you want the messages stored . The following statement will create a Service Broker queue:
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main name for some reason. In our Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2 Administrator s Companion book, we recommended an alternative solution Swing Migration (see Swing Migration uses a temporary domain controller to capture the Active Directory, DNS, and other information from the existing domain controller (the source SBS server) and transfer that to the new SBS 2003 server, allowing the new SBS server to retain the exact same name and IP address as the original source SBS server. Microsoft Exchange data is generally moved with a simple forklift technique, and SharePoint sites are handled in a similar fashion overall, an excellent and time-effective way to manage a migration that has several virtues over other methods, including:
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As you can see in the plan, the result set of the anchor member (the row for employee 5) is retrieved using a clustered index seek operation (on the EmployeeID column). The Compute Scalar operator calculates an iteration counter, which is set to 0 initially (at the first occurrence of Compute Scalar in the plan) and incremented by one with each iteration of the recursive member (the second occurrence of Compute Scalar in the plan).
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Run the project from Visual Studio. Note that each time you choose a different item from the list and click the button, the name of the chosen item and the current time are displayed at the top of the page. Return to Visual Studio and open the Default.aspx page in Source view. Add a page output cache directive to the top of the page so that the page is automatically cached for 10 seconds. Do not specify any dependencies. The following code sample demonstrates how to do this.
INSERT detected. UPDATE detected. DELETE detected. (7 row(s) affected)
Every summer, the residents of Angleton, Texas, brace themselves for the possibility that a fearsome hurricane might bear down on their Gulf Coast town near Houston. But nothing could prepare them for the hot and humid July day when a different kind of storm hit this quiet town of 18,000 people. The doors of the old gray county courthouse in the town square opened to a ood of television crews who crowded the hallways looking for a place to lm. A group of newspaper reporters surged into the main courtroom, squeezing into uncomfortable wooden benches and tapping updates on their laptops to the newsrooms of the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Associated Press, Fortune, and Reuters. The journalists were in Angleton to cover the news event of the day: the opening statements of a major legal trial that would begin with the delivery of a PowerPoint presentation. Everyone in the courtroom stood when the jurors led into the room and settled into their seats. The room was silent, here at the eye of the storm, when a man stood up to face the jurors. Little did anyone know that this lawyer was about to unleash a storm of his own from his laptop computer. After all, this was no ordinary PowerPoint presentation he was about to give it was a Beyond Bullet Points presentation. Like many of the hurricanes that have passed through Texas, this presentation would make headlines for its devastating force. It might come across as odd to you that PowerPoint would take center stage in a Texas courtroom, but it s just one more venue this ubiquitous software tool has transformed in its relatively brief 20-year history. Originally introduced as a tool to help businesspeople present their ideas in meeting rooms, today PowerPoint is everywhere. You are probably one of the millions of people who use PowerPoint, and one of the billions who have been in the audience at other people s presentations. Teachers use PowerPoint in classrooms to present their course materials, and researchers use PowerPoint in conference rooms to present their data and analyses. Hollywood designers use PowerPoint in studios to storyboard creative concepts for lms, and ad agencies use PowerPoint in board rooms to pitch major campaigns. Military leaders use PowerPoint in the eld to present strategic plans, and politicians use PowerPoint on the campaign trail to communicate their themes. And more and more lawyers are using PowerPoint to present their cases in courtrooms like this one in Angleton.
In this project le, there are two items declared, Test1 and Test2, both of which have metadata values for a, b, and c. In the Task01 target, the values for the a metadata are batched rst separately, then together. The result from executing this target, shown in Figure 6-11, might be different from what you expect.
FIGURE 21-13 Acquiring a GUID
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