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The subtlety here is that globalVar and inputVar are actually the same variable! Since globalVar is passed into WriteGlobal() by the calling routine, it s referenced or aliased by two different names. The effect of the MsgBox() lines is thus quite different from the one intended: They display the same variable twice, even though they refer to two different names.
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With this version of the code, the CCCheck .exe tool just takes our word for it and concludes that s_name always refers to a string containing at least one letter . This version of the ShowFirstLetter method passes the code contract static checker without any warnings at all . Now, let s talk about the Code Contract Reference Assembly Generator tool (CCRefGen .exe) . Running the CCRewrite .exe tool to enable contract checking helps you find bugs more quickly, but all the code emitted during contract checking makes your assembly bigger and hurts its runtime performance . To improve this situation, you use the CCRefGen .exe tool to create a separate contract reference assembly . Visual Studio invokes this tool for you automatically if you set the Contract Reference Assembly combo box to Build . Contract assemblies are usually named AssemName .Contracts .dll (for example, MSCorLib .Contracts .dll), and these assemblies contain only metadata and the IL that describes the contracts nothing else . You can identify a contract reference assembly because it will have the System.Diagnostics. Contracts.ContractReferenceAssemblyAttribute applied to the assembly s assembly definition metadata table . The CCRewrite .exe tool and the CCCheck .exe tool can use contract reference assemblies as input when these tools are performing their instrumentation and analysis . The last tool, the Code Contract Document Generator tool (CCDocGen .exe), adds contract information to the XML documentation files already produced by the C# compiler when you use the compiler s /doc:file switch . This XML file, enhanced by the CCDocGen .exe tool, can be processed by Microsoft s Sandcastle tool to produce MSDN-style documentation that will now include contract information .
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The .NET Hashtable also provides the Add method, which adds a new key/value pair to the element set only if the key does not already exist. If the key does exist, an exception will be thrown.
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transfer the value from the Zipcodes ZCTA column to the GeoNames_CA ZCTA column . Here is the T-SQL to perform the join and execute the update:
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Nbtstat c (Lists the names in the local NetBIOS name cache) Nbtstat R (Purges the local NetBIOS name cache)
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Nothing seems both to unite and divide software testers across the industry more than a discussion on test automation. To some, automated tests are mindless and emotionless substitutes for the type of testing that the human brain is capable of achieving. For others, anything less than complete testing using automation is a disappointment. In practice, however, context determines the value of automation. Sometimes it makes sense to automate every single test. On other occasions, it might make sense to automate nothing. Some types of bugs can be found only while someone is carefully watching the screen and running the application. Bugs that have an explanation starting with "Weird when I dismiss this dialog box, the entire screen flashes" or "The mouse pointer flickers when I move it across the controls" are types of bugs that humans are vastly better at detecting than computers are. For many other types of bugs, however, automated tests are more efficient and effective.
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Level 4 12 Didi 13 Emilia 14 Michael
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Source: Adapted from Programming Productivity (Jones 1986a), Software DefectRemoval Efficiency (Jones 1996), and What We Have Learned About Fighting Defects (Shull et al 2002).
Also, the client _DownloadStringCompleted uses the System.Xml.Linq libraries, so you need to add a reference to these by right-clicking References and selecting Add Reference. In the .NET tab, the System.Xml.Linq library is listed, as shown in Figure 9-1. Select it, and click OK.
The Domain Name System (DNS) is a crucial part of the internet. DNS servers translate host names (http://www.microsoft.com, for instance) into numeric IP addresses, so that packets can be routed properly over the internet. If you can use the Ping command to reach a numeric address outside your network but are unable to browse websites by name, the problem is almost certainly related to your DNS configuration. Here are some questions to ask when you suspect DNS problems:
scheduleDAO.saveReminder(reminder); return (ReminderInfo) reminderInfoBuilder.build(reminder); } } The DynaDTO builders for the two DTO interfaces are constructed in the initialization method, which is marked with the annotation @PostConstruct, which is called right after instantiation. The methods in the service implementation look up Hibernate-mapped domain objects using the DAOs, perform certain business logic, and finally return DTOs. As you can see, using the DAO and DTO patterns (with the help of DynaDTO) makes the service implementation deal mainly with business logic while minimizing the amount of plumbing code required.
0x00000DF8 [0x004011CC] (R) 0x000007C0 CreateEventA 0x00000000, 1, 0, 0x004040F0 Event Name] 0x00000DF8 [0x004011EF] 0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0x0012FF5C 0x00000DF8 [0x00401212] 0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0x0012FF5C 0x00000DF8 [0x00401229] (C) 0x00404150 0x000000A8 [0x00401030] (C) 0x00404150 EnterCriticalSection EnterCriticalSection (R) 0x000007B8 CreateThread 0x00000000, (R) 0x000007BC CreateThread 0x00000000, [The
mylabel: //statements while (/* some condition */) { goto mylabel; }
Directory quotas work only on xed NTFS volumes; you cannot use directory quo-
If you want to associate some arbitrary data with one or more objects, you would first create an instance of this class . Then, call the Add method passing in a reference to some object for the key parameter and the data you want to associate with the object in the value parameter . If you attempt to add a reference to the same object more than once, the Add method throws an ArgumentException; to change the value associated with an object, you must remove the key and then add it back in with the new value . Note that this class is thread-safe so multiple threads can use it concurrently, although this means that the performance of the class is not stellar; you should test the performance of this class to see how well it works for your scenario . Also, there is no good reason why TValue is constrained to class (only reference types) . In the future, the CLR team might remove the constraint on TValue so that you can associate value type instances with an object without having to box the value types . Of course, a table object internally stores a WeakReference to the object passed in as the key; this ensures that the table doesn t forcibly keep the object alive . But what makes the ConditionalWeakTable class so special is that it guarantees that the value remains in memory as long as the object identified by the key is in memory . So this is more than a normal WeakReference because if it were, the value could be garbage collected even though the key object continued to live . The ConditionalWeakTable class could be used to implement the dependency property mechanism of Silverlight and Windows Presentation Foundation
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