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Figure 10-17. A new breadcrumb allows you to navigate back to normal design mode. The XAML has changed. A new <UserControl.Resources> section has been added, and the first TextBox has an added Style="{StaticResource TextBoxStyle}" attribute, as follows:
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Now, I d like to share with you a theory of mine . Every computer has an incredibly powerful resource inside it: the CPU itself . If someone spends money on a computer, then that computer should be working all the time . In other words, I believe that all the CPUs in a computer should be running at 100 percent utilization all the time . I will qualify this statement with two caveats . First, you may not want the CPUs running at 100 percent utilization if the computer is on battery power because that may drain the battery too quickly . Second, some data centers would prefer to have 10 machines running at 50 percent CPU utilization rather than
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Log-on Account Name Local System
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Maximizing Available Host IDs with VLSMs In Table 2-6, notice that the seventh and final subnet listed is the same size as the sixth and is distinguished by an all-1s subnet ID instead of by the trailing 0 used with the other subnet IDs. As an alternative to using the maximum 7 subnets presented, you could define the all-1s subnet ID at any level in the table to replace all of the subnets listed below that subnet. For example, you could define a subnet ID of 1111 to replace subnets 5 through 7 listed in the table. Doing so would give you a second subnet of 14 hosts, instead of 3 subnets accommo dating a total of 10 hosts. This technique thus allows you to maximize the number of hosts your 5-subnet network can accommodate.
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FIGURE 24-14 The Complete page for the SQL Server installation
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1. You cannot ping to a computer on a local subnet, even after you reboot the com puter. What should you do next a. Check for hardware errors. b. Run Ipconfig with the /all switch. c. Run Network Diagnostics in verbose mode.
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Part V
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using System; public class CountServer : MarshalByRefObject { private CountState o_state; public CountServer() { o_state = new CountState(); }
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Enter a password for the new administrator account and click Next to open the con rmation page shown in Figure 5-11. If everything looks correct, click Next to install SBS.
Give the file a name related to the class name Most projects have a one-to-one correspondence between class names and file names. A class named CustomerAccount would have files named CustomerAccount.cpp and CustomerAccount.h, for example. Separate routines within a file clearly Separate each routine from other routines with at least two blank lines. The blank lines are as effective as big rows of asterisks or dashes, and they re a lot easier to type and maintain. Use two or three to produce a visual difference between blank lines that are part of a routine and blank lines that separate routines. An example is shown in Listing 31-67:
<Rectangle Fill="#FFFF0404" Stroke="#FF000000" Width="96" Height="88" Canvas.Left="112" Canvas.Top="72" />
Consoles can be used to manage all sorts of computer components: with a console you can modify hard drive partitions, start and stop services, and install device drivers, for example. In other words, MMC consoles perform the types of tasks that User Account Control is designed to restrict. In the hands of someone malicious (or simply careless) consoles have the power to wreak havoc on your computer.
Figure 6-4 The blue arrow to the right of a folder opens all pages in that folder in new tabs. Click the blue arrow to the right of a favorite to open that link in a new tab.
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Framework, including file formats, metadata, IL, and access to the underlying platform (P/Invoke) to ECMA for the purpose of standardization . The standard is called the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) and is the ECMA-335 specification . In addition, Microsoft has also submitted portions of the FCL, the C# programming language (ECMA-334), and the C++/CLI programming language . For information about these industry standards, please go to the ECMA Web site that pertains to Technical Committee 39: www.ecma-international.org/ . You can also refer to Microsoft s own Web site: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/netframework/aa569283.aspx. In addition, Microsoft has applied their Community Promise to the ECMA-334 and ECMA-335 specifications . For more information about this, see http://www.microsoft.com/interop/cp/default.mspx .
Securing Server Applications
SQL*Plus Command Review
<Project xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/developer/msbuild/2003"> <PropertyGroup> <SourceRoot>$(MSBuildProjectDirectory)\src\</SourceRoot> </PropertyGroup> <ItemGroup> <SrcFiles Include="$(SourceRoot)one.txt" /> </ItemGroup>
Comparing the .NET Framework s Asynchronous Programming Models
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