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82-252-184-172-171-176-165-173-120-101-53-2-73-229-43-183-6-102-117-29It s worth noting that if you want to store digests in text format, but want something that takes up less space than the 40 hexadecimal characters, the base64 library can help: require 'base64' require 'digest/sha1' puts Digest::SHA1.hexdigest('test') puts Base64.encode64(Digest::SHA1.digest('test'))
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GridView to give it a more colorful appearance . You can also edit the control to have alternating row styles, as shown in 10 . The example here skins the GridView using the Classic format . Here s the DotNetLinks GridView following the reformat:
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4: Type Fundamentals
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<script runat="server"> void Application_AuthenticateRequest(object sender, EventArgs e) { this.Context.User = MaryMay; } private static IPrincipal MaryMay { get { IIdentity identity = new GenericIdentity("mary"); string[] roles = { "Employee", "Order Approver" }; return new GenericPrincipal(identity, roles); } } </script>
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private static void UseDynamicToBindAndInvokeTheMember(Type t) { Console.WriteLine("UseDynamicToBindAndInvokeTheMember"); // Construct an instance (You can't create a delegate to a constructor) Object[] args = new Object[] { 12 }; // Constructor arguments Console.WriteLine("x before constructor called: " + args[0]); dynamic obj = Activator.CreateInstance(t, args); Console.WriteLine("Type: " + obj.GetType().ToString()); Console.WriteLine("x after constructor returns: " + args[0]); // Read and write to a field try { obj.m_someField = 5; Int32 v = (Int32)obj.m_someField; Console.WriteLine("someField: " + v); } catch (RuntimeBinderException e) { // We get here because the field is private Console.WriteLine("Failed to access field: " + e.Message); } // Call a method String s = (String)obj.ToString(); Console.WriteLine("ToString: " + s); // Read and write a property try { obj.SomeProp = 0; } catch (ArgumentOutOfRangeException) { Console.WriteLine("Property set catch."); } obj.SomeProp = 2; Int32 val = (Int32)obj.SomeProp; Console.WriteLine("SomeProp: " + val);
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A template is an XML document that contains T-SQL commands wrapped in ad hoc XML attributes, as shown here: <ROOT xmlns:sql="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:xml-sql"> <sql:query> SELECT * FROM Employees FOR XML AUTO </sql:query> </ROOT> The template specifies a sequence of commands to produce a particular result set. Overall, a template is a dynamically defined stored procedure expressed using XML syntax and supporting XPath queries. SqlXmlCommand Methods On instantiation, the SqlXmlCommand class creates an instance of the SQLXMLOLEDB provider. Interestingly, it does not make use of an explicit wrapper assembly but instead gets a COM object type using the static method GetTypeFromCLSID from the Type class. Next it instantiates the COM object using the Activator class. Note The Activator class contains methods to create types of objects locally or remotely, or obtain references to existing remote objects. Functionally equivalent to the new operator, Activator enables you to create instances of objects whose type is passed as an argument. With Activator, you can sometimes experience difficulties addressing a particular parameter-rich constructor. The Activator object will be covered in detail in 12.
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The ManualResetEventSlim and SemaphoreSlim Classes
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Figure 8-8: State-based model (FSM). The connecting lines represent actions that cause transitions from state to state. For example, from the start state (both text boxes clear), there are three possible actions. Clicking the clear button returns the application to the same state (or does nothing depending on your point of view). Clicking either "Say Hello" or "Say World" changes the application to a new state. A random walk through the transitions and expected states might look like what is shown in Table 8-2. Table 8-2: Random Walk of State-Based Model Open table as spreadsheet Text box 1 Text box 2 Empty
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Property and Item Evaluation
Raising an Event in a Thread-Safe Way
Note It s also possible to store data in order and suffer the worst aspects of both arrays and
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