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7 A Consistent Look and Feel
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When you switch master pages, you need to make sure both pages define exactly the same content placeholder control names. Exercise 2 in this lesson s practice walks you through this process step by step.
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CLR method headers : 2 Num.of method bodies Num.of fat headers Num.of tiny headers Managed code : 18 Ave method size - 9
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Nvu (pronounced EN-view ) is a free, open source alternative to the popular commercial programs, available from While not nearly as full featured as the commercial alternatives, Nvu has enough capability to handle basic template design jobs. Nvu is available for all three major platforms (Linux, Windows, and Mac). Best of all, there is a Joomla plug-in for Nvu, called Nvu Template Builder, which can be downloaded for free from Once you ve downloaded the plug-in, use the Tools Extensions menu option in the Nvu interface to install it. After it s installed, it will appear in the Extensions window, as shown in Figure 6-15.
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private void SomeMethod() { try { ... } catch (Exception e) { ... throw; // This has no effect on where the CLR thinks the exception // originated. FxCop does NOT report this as an error } }
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This chapter examines architectural and implementation issues in the Surveys application from the perspective of building a multi-tenant application. Questions such as how to partition the application and how to bill customers for their usage are directly relevant to a multitenant architecture. Questions such as how to make the application scalable and how to handle the on-boarding process for new subscribers are relevant to both single-tenant and multi-tenant architectures, but they involve some special considerations in multi-tenant model. This chapter describes how Tailspin resolved these questions for the Surveys application. For other applications, different choices may be appropriate.
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You can use roles to establish access rules for pages and folders. The following <authorization> block states that only Admin members can access the pages controlled by the web.config file:
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For L2TP/IPSec connections, verify that computer certificates, also known as
The BBP Storyboard Formatter you used to create your slides in 6 includes formatting of the Notes Master that balances the notes pages equally between the amount of space you dedicate to the slide you show on screen and the amount of space you dedicate to the notes area, which holds the ideas you explain with your narration. The line around the slide placeholder was removed to open up the white space on the printed notes page. The Slide Master and Notes Master both have white backgrounds, and because neither the slide nor the notes areas will be bounded by lines, the headline of the slide summarizes the idea of the entire printed page. To preview how the notes page version of any slide will look when printed, click the Microsoft Of ce Button, point to Print, and then click Print Preview. In Print Preview view, click the Print What drop-down arrow and click Notes Pages. When you ve nished previewing, click Close Print Preview to return to the previous view. You can add more graphics to the notes pages if you choose, such as the chart shown at the bottom of Figure 8-33.
6 Error Handling
Figure 9-13 Focus on three test charts
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