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Text to encrypt is 'This is some text to encrypt.' Encrypted and Base-64 Encoded result is '+o3zulnEOeggpIqUeiHRD2ID4E85TSPxCjS/D6k II4CUCjedFvlNOXjrqjna7ZWWbJp5yfyh/VrHw7oQPzUtUaxlXNdyiqSvDGcU814NNq4=' Decrypted string is 'This is some text to encrypt.'
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The graphics contents of the previous chapters and the new formatting options of Excel have now gotten their due . So, in addition to the details on the technical chart editing, you ll also be provided with information on the formal design . c# print barcode
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Listing 8-7. Autojoin (Self-Join) Example select , from , where and e.ename as employee m.ename as manager employees m employees e e.mgr = m.empno e.bdate > date '1965-01-01'; MANAGER -------BLAKE BLAKE SCOTT KING KING FORD
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Rules and Guidelines
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Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) troubleshooting
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In addition to the checked and unchecked operators, C# also offers checked and unchecked statements. The statements cause all expressions within a block to be checked or unchecked:
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Managing Network Security
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Always Use the Same Object When Calling the EndXxx Method
Page 38
In fact, if your web server includes SQL Server Express Edition, ASP.NET will automatically create the profile database when this feature is used. It does so inside the configured DataDirectory (or App_Data). You can, of course, override these settings.
Figure 4-40 shows the execution plan for the query over a clustered table, and Figure 4-41 illustrates the access method.
34. Themes in Software Craftsmanship
String Concatenation Using Pivoting
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Microsoft Visual Studio allows you to enter an object s property in the debugger s watch window . When you do this, every time you hit a breakpoint, the debugger calls into the property s get accessor method and displays the returned value . This can be quite helpful in tracking down bugs, but it can also cause bugs to occur and hurt your debugging performance . For example, let s say that you have created a FileStream for a file on a network share and then you add FileStream s Length property to the debugger s watch window . Now, every time you hit a breakpoint, the debugger will call Length s get accessor method, which internally makes a network request to the server to get the current length of the file! Similarly, if your property s get accessor method has a side effect, then this side effect will execute every time you hit a breakpoint . For example, let s say that your property s get accessor method increments a counter every time it is called; this counter will now be incremented every time you hit a breakpoint, too . Because of these potential problems, Visual Studio allows you to turn off property evaluation for properties shown in watch windows . To turn property evaluation off in Visual Studio, select Tools, Options, Debugging, and General and in the list box in Figure 10-1, and clear the Enable Property Evaluation And Other Implicit Function Calls option . Note that even with this item cleared, you can add the property to the watch window and manually force Visual Studio to evaluate it by clicking the force evaluation circle in the watch window s Value column .
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