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Dynamic Chart Formatting and Other Tricks
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public Page() { InitializeComponent(); this.Loaded += new RoutedEventHandler(Page_Loaded); upDateCities("uk"); }
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refreshed. By default, the Winlogon service polls for changes in Group Policy every 90 minutes. To force a refresh of computer Group Policy, restart the computer or type secedit /refreshpolicy machine_policy (for a com puter running Windows 2000) or gpupdate /target:computer (for a com puter running Windows XP or Windows Server 2003) at a command prompt. Perform this procedure for each domain system container as appropriate. It is also a good policy to consider a forced Group Policy update when using Network Access Quarantine Control features, which are described later in this chapter in the section titled Configuring Quarantine Resources.
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uses a hard enforcement on the number of user licenses. If you try to add more users than you have licenses for, the system will send you an error message and reject the action.
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DHCP Server
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Now that we have all the company s users connected and working and the remote offices are communicating, Contoso, LTD. has to do business with the rest of the world. The network administrator for Contoso, LTD. has created an extranet, a portion of the Contoso, LTD. private network that is available to business partners through secured VPN connections. The Contoso, LTD. extranet is the network attached to the Contoso, LTD. VPN server and contains a file server and a Web server, which contain all the information they need to directly access. Access to internal resources from these utilities can be accomplished via Web proxy and terminal services, thus protecting the corporate resources from direct contact by noncorporate clients. IPSec policies can be used between the extranet resources and the intranet resources to ensure resources are not compromised. Parts distributors Fabrikam, Inc., and Blue Yonder Airlines are Contoso, LTD. business partners. They connect to the Contoso, LTD. extranet by using on-demand, site-to-site VPN connections. An additional remote access policy is used to ensure that the business partners can access only the extranet file server and Web server. The file server on the Contoso, LTD. extranet is configured with an IP address of, and the Web server is configured with an IP address of Fabrikam, Inc., uses the public network ID of with a subnet mask of ( Blue Yonder Airlines uses the public network ID of with a subnet mask of ( To ensure that the extranet Web server and file server can reach the business partners, static routes are configured on the file server and Web server for each of the business partner networks that use the gateway address of
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How many basic routing functions can be configured through this wizard
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Performing Scavenging Scavenging in a zone is performed either automatically or manually. For scavenging to be performed automatically, you must enable automatic scavenging of stale resource records on the Advanced tab of DNS server properties. When this feature is not enabled, you can perform manual scavenging in a zone by
For practical purposes, files copied from audio CDs to your hard disk must be compressed; if you rip tracks to your hard disk using the uncompressed WAV format, a typical 60-minute CD will consume more than half a gigabyte of disk space. Compressing the files means you can store more music on your hard disk, and it makes the process of backing up music files easier and more efficient. When it comes to compression, your first choice is simple: lossy or lossless Most popular algorithms used to compress audio (and video) files are lossy, which means that they achieve compression by eliminating data. In the case of audio files, the data that s tossed out during the compression process consists mostly of frequencies that humans don t ordinarily hear. However, the more you compress a file, the more likely you are to degrade its audio quality to the point where you ll notice it. Windows Media Player also includes a lossless compressed format, which stores music files more efficiently than uncompressed WAV files, without sacrificing any information. In theory, at least, a track ripped in lossless format should be indistinguishable from the original. Deciding on the type and amount of compression involves making a trade-off between disk space and audio quality. The level of compression is determined by the bit rate you select for your copied files. Higher bit rates preserve more of the original sound quality of your audio tracks but result in larger files on your hard disk or portable player. Lower bit rates allow you to pack more music into limited space, especially on portable devices with limited storage, at a cost in fidelity.
FIGURE 13-12 Entering a fax header
Decimal price = 123.54M; String s = price.ToString("C", CultureInfo.InvariantCulture); MessageBox.Show(s);
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Is the solution unmanaged or managed If managed, is the solution new or an update If an update, did you select to maintain or overwrite the customizations
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