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FIGURE 10-15 Custom activity party lists selecting records from different entity types
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In this exercise, you simply updated HatShop to display products by employing the techniques you studied in the first part of the chapter. The new functionality isn t especially complex, but the possibilities are exciting. To change the access method, modify the following in include/config.php: // Amazon E-Commerce Service define('AMAZON_METHOD', 'REST'); //define('AMAZON_METHOD', 'SOAP'); When Buy From Amazon links are clicked, associates that customer and what he or she purchases to your Associate ID (which is mentioned in the links). In the init method from the AmazonProductsList class, the GetProducts method from the Amazon class is called to get the data to populate the list of products. This data is read to build the Amazon links to the retrieved products: public function init() { $amazon = new Amazon(); $this->mProducts = $amazon->GetProducts(); for ($i = 0;$i < count($this->mProducts); $i++) $this->mProducts[$i]['link'] = '' . $this->mProducts[$i]['asin'] . '/ref=nosim/' . AMAZON_ASSOCIATES_ID; } However, you must know that Amazon offers many ways in which you can allow your visitors to buy their products. If you log in to the Associates page, you ll see a number of link types you can build and integrate into your web site. Perhaps the most interesting and powerful is the possibility to create and manage Amazon shopping carts from your PHP code by using the Amazon API. If you re really into integrating into your web site, you should study the ECS documentation carefully and make the most of it.
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Team Build Deep Dive
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Maintaining Data
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Executing the SumClient application will generate the following output:
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Figure 10-4. The Contoso, LTD. VPN server that provides persistent branch office connections.
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the publisher s public/private key pair . This key pair must also match the key pair used for all versions of the JeffTypes assembly . After all, this is how the CLR knows that the same publisher created both the JeffTypes assembly and this publisher policy file .
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In Figure 21-13, you see that generation 1 keeps growing slowly . In fact, let s say that generation 1 has now grown to the point in which all of the objects in it occupy 2 MB of memory . At this point, the application continues running (because a garbage collection just finished) and starts allocating objects P through S, which fill generation 0 up to its budget . The heap now looks like Figure 21-14 .
Description The Stream that should be used for reading or writing. System.Security.Cryptography.ICryptoTransform A class that can perform cryptographic transformations (encrypting and decrypting data). Transformers can be obtained using the CreateDecryptor and CreateEncryptor methods from the SymmetricAlgorithm class. System.Security.Cryptography.CryptoStreamMode An enumeration value that specifies whether the CryptoStream instance will be used to read or write data. The following example demonstrates how to write encrypted data to a MemoryStream and then read it back, using the Triple DES algorithm:
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