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UAC is primarily perceived to be the elevation prompt. However, although that part is the most visible, it is not the most important part of UAC. UAC, in fact, consists of a number of components, all of which contribute in some way to enabling more people to run as nonadministrators, which is the ultimate goal of UAC. This section discusses the various components of UAC, starting with the various types of elevation dialogs.
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Using the HTML5 Application Cache
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Environment It is important to clearly describe the conditions of the test environment and the steps necessary to reproduce that environment as part of the bug report. You might even need to describe what conditions did not exist or were not attempted. This makes it easier for the others to find and reproduce the bug. Environment details can include the following: Hardware specifications and configuration System, component, and application versions
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Int32 n = 5; Int32 result = ((IComparable) n).CompareTo(5); Console.WriteLine(result); // Compiles & runs OK // 0
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State management information, such as user name, personalization options, or shopping cart contents, can be stored either on the client or on the server. If the state management information is stored on the client, the client submits the information to the server with each request. If the state management information is stored on the server, the server stores the information, but tracks the client by using a client-side state management technique. Figure 3-8 illustrates both client-side and server-side state management techniques.
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In addition to authenticating with Kerberos, digital certificates, and preshared keys, Windows Server 2008 systems can authenticate with health certificates. Health certificates are given to clients by a Health Registration Authority (HRA) after the client has proven that its health state complies with the current policy. This is a component of NAP, which is discussed in Network Access Protection later in this chapter. Available authentication methods for IPsec include:
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11: Case scenario Answers
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those web.config files can extend, restrict, and override any type of settings defined at an upper level, including the machine level, unless the setting is restricted to a certain level (such as process model). If no configuration file exists in an application folder, the settings valid at the upper level are applied.
Connecting to and Querying Data with LINQ
When Litware reviews the proposed relationship design, the reviewers might decide to make changes to the entity relationships based on their specific business needs. Fortunately, Microsoft Dynamics CRM makes it easy to create custom entities and modify their relationships. We created all of the custom entities, fields, relationships, and forms for this example in less than 20 minutes! One potential downside of our proposed data model manifests itself when you view a contact record, shown in Figure 10-6.
/ Displays a detailed help screen Options: /r <reference_scheme> <reference_id> <description> Specifies a traced reference to install (/i, /il) or uninstall (/u, /ul). /f Forces reinstall of an assembly. /nologo Suppresses display of the logo banner /silent Suppresses display of all output
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