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Managing Contacts
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Very simple layout.
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Working with Microsoft Windows
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Before you can make a movie, you have to import the raw materials you plan to use pictures, video clips, and audio. If you ve previously imported items and saved them in collections under the Imported Media folder, you can reuse them here. When you start a new project, every item in your collection is available. If an item you want to use in the current project isn t in the collection, you need to import it. After a video clip is available in the Imported Media folder or a collection, you can preview it, split it, trim away unwanted material at the beginning or end (or both), and create new clips from existing ones. You can import media from any of the following sources:
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Although comparing strings is useful for sorting them or for detecting equality, sometimes you just need to examine the characters within a string. The String type offers several methods to help you do this. Table 12 2 summarizes these methods. Table 12 2: Methods for Examining String Characters Member Length Chars GetEnumerator Member Type Instance read only property Instance read only indexer property Instance method Description Returns the number of characters in the string Returns the character at the specified index within the string Returns an IEnumerator that can be used to iterate over all the characters in the string Returns a Char[ ] that contains a portion of the string Returns the index of the first/last character/string matching a specified value Returns the index of the first/last character matching an array of
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Do This
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lambda expression feature . When I first started using lambda expressions, it definitely took me some time to get used to them . After all, the code that you write in a method is not actually inside that method, and this also can make debugging and single-stepping through the code a bit more challenging . In fact, I m amazed at how well the Microsoft Visual Studio debugger actually handles stepping through lambda expressions in my source code .
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Compact privacy statement Information in a website s HTTP header that indicates the source, purpose, and lifetime of cookies used by that site . (Some cookies, called session cookies, are designed to be deleted when you leave a site . Other cookies have a fixed expiration date usually sometime in the next decade or beyond .) Personally identifiable information Information that a site could use to contact you, such as your name, e-mail address, or home or work address; also, the credentials (name and password) you use to log on to a site . Explicit consent Giving explicit consent, also known as opting in, means that you have taken some kind of affirmative step to allow a site to use personally identifiable information .
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<asp:Content ID="Content1" ContentPlaceHolderID="head" Runat="Server"> <title>Home</title> </asp:Content> <asp:Content ID="Content2" ContentPlaceHolderID="ContentPlaceHolder1" Runat="Server"> <h2>Home</h2> </asp:Content>
13 XML and XQuery
Code Reading
Verify that the user account of the calling router is not locked out, expired,
As the previous section described, when you deploy your Silverlight applications, all files for your application are included in a XAP package. This includes any assemblies that are required by your application. For example, your XAP file may look like Figure 13-1, where you can see that a number of assemblies are included in the package like System.Windows.Controls.Data.dll. This assembly alone is 128KB in size, and this amount has to be downloaded to each and every client that runs your application. Furthermore, if there are multiple Silverlight applications that all require the use of the System.Windows.Controls.Data.dll assembly, each one by default will download their own copy of the assembly.
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