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Elements of Dynamization
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<client> <endpoint address= "http://{adatum host}/a-Order.OrderTracking.Services/ OrderTrackingService.svc" binding="ws2007FederationHttpBinding" bindingCon guration= "WS2007FederationHttpBinding_IOrderTrackingService" contract="OrderTrackingService.IOrderTrackingService" name="WS2007FederationHttpBinding_IOrderTrackingService"> <identity> <dns value="adatum" /> </identity> </endpoint> </client>
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There is a famous technique called double-check locking, which is used by developers who want to defer constructing a singleton object until an application requests it (sometimes called lazy initialization) . If the application never requests the object, it never gets constructed, saving time and memory . A potential problem occurs when multiple threads request the singleton object simultaneously . In this case, some form of thread synchronization must be used to ensure that the singleton object gets constructed just once . This technique is not famous because it is particularly interesting or useful . It is famous because there has been much written about it . This technique was used heavily in Java, and later it was discovered that Java couldn t guarantee that it would work everywhere . The famous document that describes the problem can be found on this Web page: www.cs.umd.edu/~pugh/java/memoryModel/DoubleCheckedLocking.html. Anyway, you ll be happy to know that the CLR supports the double-check locking technique just fine because of its memory model and volatile field access (described in 28) . Here is code that demonstrates how to implement the double-check locking technique in C#:
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FIGURE 6-1 Execution plan for an EXISTS query
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CHAPTER 7: Developing with HTML5
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E-mail predates the invention of the Internet, and is still one of the most important and popular technologies used online. In this section, you ll look at how to retrieve and manage e-mail located on POP3 servers, as well as how to send e-mail using an SMTP server.
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Entity and Entity Components (Fields, forms, charts, views, entity ribbon definitions) Option sets (Global drop-down lists shared across entities) Client Extensions (Site map and application ribbon) Web Resources (Custom pages, images, script, or other files referenced in the application) Processes Workflow and dialogs Plug-ins and Workflow Assemblies Reports and Dashboards Remaining Components
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Installing and Configuring Windows Vista
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Headings in any view can also be used to filter the contents of a folder. If you rest your mouse on a heading, a drop-down arrow appears at the right. Clicking the arrow reveals a set of filter check boxes appropriate for the heading. If you click a date heading (see Figure 7-6), for example, the filter options include common date groupings. You can also select the Filter By A Specific Date check box and use the calendar to specify that date.
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Admittedly, this routine with its six cases is longer than the single routine needed to print the buoy temperature message. But this is the only routine you need. You don t need 19 other routines for the 19 other kinds of messages. This routine handles the six field types and takes care of all the kinds of messages. This routine also shows the most complicated way of implementing this kind of table lookup because it uses a case statement. Another approach would be to create an abstract class AbstractField and then create subclasses for each field type. You won t need a case statement; you can call the member routine of the appropriate type of object. Here s how you would set up the object types in C++:
Part II:
We will now see how to combine spatial objects together using the STUnion() method . First, we combine two objects of similar types:
LogFile Verbosity Append ShowSummary
Gauges in a Test Model
Installer Compilation and Service Installation
Figure 11-7
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