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Figure 7-6. Out-of-line constraint syntax diagram
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1. Install Internet Information Services (IIS), a subcomponent of the Applica tion Server component. 2. Start Internet Explorer on IAS1. If the Internet Connection Wizard prompts you, configure Internet access through a LAN connection. In Internet Explorer, type in the Address text box. You should see a Web page titled Under Construction.
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8. Add a rule that will manage this telnet negotiation:
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Attribute allowAnonymous defaultValue name provider readOnly serializeAs type
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Disk Management
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Accessing Amazon E-Commerce Service Using REST
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The gure shows only the left part of the plan starting with the Sequence Project, which assigns the row numbers. If you look at the properties of the Top operator, you can see that the plan scans only the rst 10 rows of the table. Because the code requests the second page of ve rows, only the rst two pages are scanned. Then the Filter operator lters only the second page (rows 6 through 10). Another way to demonstrate that the whole table is not scanned is by populating the table with a large number of rows and running the query with the SET STATISTICS IO option turned on. You will notice by the number of reads reported that when you request page n, regardless of the size of the table, only the rst n pages of rows are scanned. This solution can perform well even when you have multiple page requests that usually move forward that is, page 1 is requested, then page 2, then page 3, and so on, as long as a small number of pages is requested and you have an index to support the requests. When the rst page of rows is requested, the relevant data/index pages are physically scanned and loaded into cache (if they re not there already). When the second page of rows is requested, the data pages for the rst request already reside in cache, and only the data pages for the second page of rows need to be physically scanned. This requires mostly logical reads (reads from cache), and physical reads are needed only for the requested page. Logical reads are much faster than physical reads, but keep in mind that they also have a cost that accumulates. Multipage Access Another solution for paging typically performs better overall than the previous solution when you have multiple page requests that do not move forward, if the result set is not very large. First, materialize all pages in a table along with row numbers and create a clustered index on the row number column:
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The IP Security Monitor is implemented as a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in on the Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP Professional operating systems. It includes enhancements that allow you to view details about an active IPSec policy, in addition to Quick Mode and Main Mode statistics, and active IPSec SAs. IP Security Monitor also enables you to search for specific Main Mode or Quick Mode filters. The examination requires you to know how to use IP Security Monitor to verify that IPSec is being used to encrypt and secure communications. You are not expected to design and implement complex IPSec policies, for example, creating a virtual private network (VPN) IPSec over a Layer2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) tunnel. At the same time, if you do not understand IP settings, the results you obtain from IP Security Mon itor will be meaningless. You should at least have seen, and preferably have used, the Create IP Security Rule Wizard. You should be familiar with the IP Filter List, Filter Action, Authentication Methods, Tunnel Setting, and Connection Type settings. You need a working knowledge of Kerberos, although you will not be required to specify a Kerberos configuration or manage a Kerberos trust.
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custid ----------4 11 16 19 38 53 72 keycol ----------1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Page 5-72
Office Word 95 Office Word 97
Software Licensing SSDP Discovery
5. Deletes the records of all people. 6. Closes the SQL Server connection. DBDemo doesn't attempt to exhibit good design or best practice; it's purely a vehicle to demonstrate how to use a .NET Data Provider. We have listed DBDemo in its entirety here, and we'll also use appropriate excerpts throughout this chapter to demonstrate the current feature we're discussing. Before executing the DBDemo application, the reader must
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The policy assembly must be installed in the GAC before the policy will take effect. Policy assemblies are installed the same way as code assemblies, using the gacutil.exe tool. The following command demonstrates how to install the sample assembly:
Open Windows SBS Console, click Network, and then click Devices. In the Tasks Pane, click Refresh This View. If the printer is still not listed, click List A Shared Printer In This Console. In the Show Shared Printer In The Console dialog box, provide the network path for the shared printer or click Browse to locate the printer. When the \\Computer\Share path is displayed as shown in Figure 13-5, click OK. In the Windows SBS Console, click Refresh This View in the Tasks list. The printer appears in the list of printers.
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