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Since Joomla dynamically creates the web pages sent to a requestor, it has the advantage that changes made to the configuration are immediately effective on a sitewide basis. However, the dynamic nature of a Joomla site also creates a set of disadvantages, since web masters don t have control over the organization and configuration in the way that they do with static web sites. To remedy this problem, Joomla contains parameter settings for all of the major features that affect web spidering. Among the most important of these features is the Search Engine Friendly URLs setting.
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In this example, the key (name) of the resource is PageResource1.Title, and the value is Customer Lookup. Visual Studio provides a tool for editing resource files so that you do not have to manually edit the XML. However, you can always open a .resx file inside the XML editor if you need to.
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The Forms tab controls the list of forms that you can assign to trays using the Device Settings tab in a printer s properties dialog box. You can create new form definitions and delete any that you create, but you can t delete any of the predefined forms. The Ports tab offers the same capabilities as the Ports tab in a printer s properties dialog box. The Drivers tab offers a list of all the installed printer drivers and provides a centralized location where you can add, remove, or update drivers.
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*[System[Provider[@Name='Microsoft-Windows-Security-Auditing'] and Task = 12544] and EventData[Data[@Name='LogonType'] = '2']]
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The role of XAML in Silverlight is to construct the Silverlight component s visual tree . This happens in the MainPage constructor . Notice that the code produced by Visual Studio contains a call to the method InitializeComponent . InitializeComponent parses the XAML
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Article i Article ii After you answer an individual question, if you want to see which answers are correct along with an explanation of each correct answer click Explanation. Article iii If you prefer to wait until the end of the test to see how you did, answer all the questions, and then click Score Test. You will see a summary of the exam objectives you chose and the percentage of questions you got right, both overall and per objective. You can print a copy of your test, review your answers, or retake the test.
Object Types and Basic Techniques
Remote access clients that do not comply with network access requirements
The Net Session command lets you view or disconnect connections between your computer and clients that are accessing it.
In this chapter we presented the basics you will need to know to write HTML5 applications for Nokia. We showed you how to build a QtWebKit-based browser and we showed several techniques for running your HTML5 application offline. We highlighted some of the more nifty HTML5 features, such as canvas, CSS transitions and transformations, and local storage. Finally, we re-implemented Shake, the application we built in the past three chapters with native Qt technologies, this time using HTML5. Next up, we ll show you how to test and distribute your application.
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The following calculation is used for the Year to Date field:
Change audit settings for more than one file or folder at once
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Group Policy Preferences
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