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Part I CLR Basics
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Note Ant scripts can contain top-level items other than targets. These can include certain tasks and
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Properties of the FormsAuthentication Class
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oomla s widespread adoption by individual users as well as substantial organizations has created a gap between the need for a quick-and-easy solution and the requirements of a powerful (and often more complicated) industrial-grade solution. The vast divide between the requirements of basic consumer and professional deployment has caused a torrent of extensions that fill many niches. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the flood of photo gallery extensions for Joomla. At the time of this writing, there are over 75 extensions available to add gallery functionality to Joomla that run the gamut from simple image displays to complete photo-publication services. In the interest of serving both communities, this chapter will demonstrate one simple gallery display component (Easy Gallery) and one full-featured implementation (Gallery2). Most gallery software falls roughly into one of these two categories, so the information here should be useful regardless of which of the dozens of gallery extensions you finally choose. Whether you want to set up a photo album of your children or launch a web site to compete with the largest digital image licensers, Joomla can be extended to meet your needs. Before you begin examining the Joomla extensions, think about installing an FTP server to allow better gallery management. You may already have FTP server capabilities activated for use with the Joomla Administrator, in which case you can skip the following section. If not, consider FTP server installation to streamline both upload and download (especially of large photo files) during the creation of a gallery.
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Setting Up and Troubleshooting Hardware
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8 Read this. Say this.
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3 The Page Rendering Model
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Choosing What To Transfer
When set to true, the event instance keeps a strong reference to the subscriber
Looking at the programming interface of the XPathExpression class, you'll notice the methods Clone and AddSort. As its name suggests, Clone makes a deep copy of the object, creating a brand-new and identical object. AddSort, on the other hand, associates the expression with a sorting algorithm that will be automatically run once the node-set for the expression has been retrieved. The XPathExpression class is not publicly creatable. To get a new instance of this class, you must take a plain XPath string expression and compile it into an XPathExpression object. Compiling Expressions Both the XML DOM SelectNodes method and the navigator object's Select method let you execute an XPath query indicating the expression as plain text. In spite of this simplified programming interface, in the .NET Framework, an XPath expression can execute only in its compiled form. This means that both the aforementioned methods silently compile the provided text into an XPathExpression before proceeding. Note In this context, the term compile does not mean that the XPath expression is transformed into an executable (and/or managed) piece of code. More simply, the action of compiling must be literally seen as the process that produces an object by collecting and putting together many pieces of information.
Visual Studio 2005 creates a project file but doesn t use it to track all the files that form an application. The root directory of the site implicitly defines a Web project. To add a new file to the project, you just copy or create that file to the directory, and it is in the project. If it isn t, right-click in Solution Explorer and click Refresh Folder.
Temporal Support in the Relational Model
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