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1 Creating an ASP.NET 2.0 Application
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It s hard to misuse logical or boolean variables, and using them thoughtfully makes your program cleaner.
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Not usually a good idea. The point of a software inspection is that it is a purely technical review. Management s presence changes the technical interactions; people feel that they, instead of the review materials, are under evaluation, which changes the focus from technical to political. Management has a right to know the results of an inspection, and an inspection report is prepared to keep management informed. Similarly, under no circumstances should inspection results be used for performance appraisals. Don t kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. Code examined in an inspection is still under development. Evaluation of performance should be based on final products, not on work that isn t finished. Overall, an inspection should have no fewer than three participants. It s not possible to have a separate moderator, author, and reviewer with fewer than three people, and those roles shouldn t be combined. Traditional advice is to limit an inspection to about six people because, with any more, the group becomes too large to manage. Researchers have generally found that having more than two to three reviewers doesn t appear to increase the number of defects found (Bush
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Figure 2-22. The final result from our first Silverlight Application in Visual Studio 2008 9. Close the application.
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16 Service Broker
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SELECT orderid, custid, empid, shipperid, orderdate, filler FROM dbo.Orders WHERE orderdate >= '#' AND orderdate < '#';
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Test First Development
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Planning a Moie Maker Project
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Part II Programming Silverlight 3 with .NET Here s the code to set up the callback and to call the Web service for some time series data:
you ve covered all the code is to use a coverage monitor. 9 For details, see Coverage 0 Monitors in Coverage Monitors in Section 22.5, 1 later in this chapter.
You might nd this query a bit hard to follow. As I mentioned earlier, you can improve the clarity of the code by using parentheses and indentation as the following query shows:
Java File(string path)
The ROLLUP Subclause
Strings, Dates, and a Rich Framework The ControlShowAndTell example demonstrates the richness of the object model in the .NET environment. Notice that I actually set an intermediate string s to the result of the ToString method on the SelectedDate property. When I first did this, there was a problem. Rather than displaying 7/4/2001 when I selected July 4, 2001, the text box showed 7/4/2001 12:00:00 AM . To get just the date, I used the Substring method. To display the date, I could have also used another approach. Rather than having the Selection_Change method hard-coded to work on Calendar1, I really could have used the Sender parameter passed into the event handler. Here s another approach that would also work:
First, we ll discuss how users can manually execute workflows. Assume that you ve already designed multiple workflow processes for the Opportunity entity. When users look at an Opportunity view, they can select one or more records, and then click the Run Workflow button located on the Opportunities ribbon, as shown in Figure 14-1. When the user clicks the Run Workflow button, a dialog box appears, like the one shown in Figure 14-2. In this dialog box, users can select one of the published, on-demand workflow processes to run against the records selected in the Opportunity view. After the user selects the process she wants to apply and clicks OK, Microsoft Dynamics CRM takes the actions specified in the selected workflow process for each of the selected records. Users can select and run only one workflow process at a time in this dialog box.
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TOP and Input Expressions
FIGURE 17-9 The Remove Server Roles page of the Remove Roles Wizard
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