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Imagine an XML Web service that has access to a database of articles, indexed by author and initial publication date. The XML Web service could then dole out the appropriate content to the syndication partners, with only minimal HTML markup. The syndication partners could access the XML Web service and place the content on their pages, ideally with style sheets or font tags that would make the Golf Society content fit right in. The following steps are required to develop such an XML Web service: Review security options. Create and test the XML Web service. Create a Web Application project to consume the XML Web service. Security Options Creating an XML Web service to distribute articles is similar to our earlier XML Web service example, but with a couple of important differences. First, if we re creating an XML Web service as part of a business, we might want to validate the user. Two sets of options are available for securing an XML Web service. The first set consists of built-in IIS security options. These options have the advantage of not requiring an additional user database, but for Internet applications, creating a domain user record for each customer probably isn t ideal. The second set of options allows for custom authentication, including the following possibilities: Accept user name and password as a parameter to your method calls. Provide a Login method that must be called before any other methods. You can then use cookies to verify that the requester has been authenticated. Use SOAP headers or the SOAP body to store credentials. Create a custom HTTP header to hold credentials. Of these custom authentication options, the first is the most straightforward, and the least likely to fail based on client configuration problems. One subtle problem with passing credentials to the method call is that caching based on passed parameters will likely be less effective. This example will accept user name and password information as parameters to method calls. This information will then be checked against user name and password information stored in a database. The Customer table in the GolfArticles database has UserName and Password fields that would work for this XML Web service example. The simple stored procedure shown in Listing 10-6 can be used to validate the user by selecting all the fields based on the UserName and Password parameters. Obvious extensions to this stored procedure would include setting some logging information and perhaps verifying that the article requested is dated within the contract period. Listing 10-6 Stored procedure to retrieve customer information based on the UserName and Password parameters
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If you were to create an instance of this type, you could easily get or set any of this state information with code similar to the following:
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Part II Advanced Features
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Either way, using the native proprietary UNPIVOT table operator is dramatically simpler, as the following query shows:
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If you had the private key to decrypt the token (highlighted above as <e:CipherValue>U6TLBMVR/M4Ia2Su... ), the following is what you would see.
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In this appendix, I ll follow these steps in detail for the CLR routines from this book . For your reference, the step-by-step instructions are followed by listings that contain the complete CLR and T-SQL code that appears in the four chapters . For a better learning experience, you might find it convenient to first follow the steps described in this appendix to create all routines that are included in the book . Then, as you read a chapter, you won t have to follow the same steps repeatedly to add each routine . Instead, you can focus on the code snippets provided inline in the chapter .
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web resource Files\Styles\master.css file, and skip to Step 8.
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5. Click the Properties button to open the External Data Range Properties dialog box, shown in Figure 3-5. If you want Excel to refresh the query automatically every time you open the workbook, select the Refresh data on file open checkbox. Click OK to close the dialog box.
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Actions actions = Actions.Read | Actions.Delete; // 0x0005 Console.WriteLine(actions.ToString()); // "Read, Delete"
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Red background and red shield icon Identifies an application from a blocked publisher or one that is blocked by Group Policy; be extremely wary if you see one of these Yellow-orange background and red shield icon Identifies an application (signed or unsigned) that is not yet trusted by the local computer (see Figure 10-3) Blue-green background Identifies an administrative application that is part of Windows Vista (see Figures 10-1 and 10-2, earlier in this chapter) Gray background Identifies an application that is Authenticode signed and trusted by the local computer
To calculate the date of the last occurrence of a weekday in the reference month you need to combine two calculations as well . One is the calculation of the last day of the reference month:
Although it s hard to see where the fat is in this code, it contains a lot of bit manipulation, which isn t exactly Delphi s forte. Bit manipulation is assembler s forte, however, so this code is a good candidate for recoding. Here s the assembler code:
The ServicePointManager class manages a collection of ServicePoint instances. This class is responsible for creating new ServicePoint instances as required and applying default values. Changes to the defaults are not applied to previously created ServicePoint instances. Table 14-7 lists the features defined in the ServicePointManager class.
Manipulating the Silverlight Render Tree
In the Workstation GC mode, you use this latency mode during short-term, time-sensitive operations (like drawing animations) where a generation 2 collection might be disruptive . In the Server GC, this latency mode is not valid .
Many models are used to develop software. Some development models have been around for decades, whereas others seem to pop up nearly every month. Some models are extremely formal and structured, whereas others are highly flexible. Of course, there is no single model that will work for every software development team, but following some sort of proven model will usually help an engineering team create a better product. Understanding which parts of development and testing are done during which stages of the product cycle enables teams to anticipate some types of problems and to understand sooner when design or quality issues might affect their ability to release on time. Waterfall Model One of the most commonly known (and commonly abused) models for creating software is the waterfall model. Waterfall is an approach to software development where the end of each phase coincides with the beginning of the next phase, as shown in Figure 3-1. The work follows steps through a specified order. The implementation of the work "flows" from one phase to another (like a waterfall flows down a hill).
16 Arrays
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