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Method to Decrypt SecureString to Buffer
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You use Extensible Markup Language (XML) configuration files to store settings that control different aspects of an ASP.NET website. Most ASP.NET websites have a single XML Web.config file in the application s root directory; however, you can add Web.config files to any subfolder to change the behavior of that section of your website. This lesson presents an overview of configuring websites by using configuration files.
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You can see from Table 12-1 that you can use attributes to mark your metadata with specific constraints. These constraints will then be enforced by Dynamic Data, and ASP.NET validation controls will be rendered and invoked. The validation attributes include Range, StringLength, Required, and RegularExpression (among others). You use these controls to enforce additional constraints on your data. For example, suppose you want to add the Range validator to the ReorderLevel property to indicate that users can only reorder stock in quantities of 1 to 144 units. You could do so with the following code.
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<html> <body> <h2>Hello there. What's your favorite .NET feature </h2> <select name='Feature'> <option> Type-Safety</option> <option> Garbage collection</option> <option> Multiple syntaxes</option> <option> Code Access Security</option> <option> Simpler threading</option> <option> Versioning purgatory</option> </select> <br/> <input type=submit name='Lookup' value='Lookup'></input> <br/> </body> </html>
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PasswordRequiredErrorMessage Gets or sets the error message to display when the password field is left blank. RememberMeSet RememberMeText SubmitButtonImageUrl SubmitButtonStyle SubmitButtonText SubmitButtonType TextBoxStyle TitleText TitleTextStyle UserName UserNameLabelText Indicates whether the Remember Me check box is set. Gets or sets the text of the label for the Remember Me check box. Gets or sets the URL of an image to use for the submit button. Defines the style of the submit button. Gets or sets the text for the submit button. Gets or sets the type of button to use when rendering the control (push or link button). Defines the style of text boxes. Gets or sets the title of the control. Defines the style of the title text. Gets the username entered by the user. Gets or sets the text of the label for the UserName text box.
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Imagine you have a chocolate bar made up of 40 squares arranged in 5 rows and 8 columns. Your task is to divide it into the 40 individual chocolate squares using the minimum number of cuts. You're allowed to make only one cut at a time (and you're not allowed to pile multiple layers or lay them next to each other) and only in straight lines (horizontal or vertical). How many cuts do you need at minimum Prove your logic; don't just guess.
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Denying access for anonymous users causes the following changes in web .config . Notice the authorization element .
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13. Switch back to Computer1, open a new command prompt, and enter ping computer2. The ping is still unsuccessful. Because the local DNS Client service has cached the negative response from the previous query, you must clear the cache before you see the successful results of the ping. 14. At the command prompt on Computer1, type ipconfig /flushdns. 15. At the command prompt on Computer1, type ping computer2. The ping is successful. 16. Reenable NetBIOS for the local area connection on Computer1. 17. Log off Computer1 and Computer2.
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IF OBJECT_ID('Sales.MyShippers', 'U') IS NOT NULL DROP TABLE Sales.MyShippers; CREATE TABLE Sales.MyShippers ( shipper_id INT NOT NULL, companyname NVARCHAR(40) NOT NULL, phone NVARCHAR(24) NOT NULL, CONSTRAINT PK_MyShippers PRIMARY KEY(shipper_id) );
The SiteMap object acts as an interface to site navigation information. This information is expressed in the form of SiteMapNode objects. The site map information exposed through the SiteMap object is loaded by a registered site map provider. The default site map provider is the XmlSiteMapProvider class, which works with the aforementioned XML configuration file named web.sitemap. A site map provider is a class that implements the ISiteMapProvider interface. A provider can store its site map information in any way, including in databases.
Dealing with Customer Orders
Restoring Files and Folders
Advanced Producer Topics Customizing Producer Templates Template Basics CSS Selectors and Properties Template Naming and Styles Choosing a Presentation Template Getting Started Naming a Presentation Template Customizing a Presentation Template Customizing Background Images Customizing the Media Player Working with Slides Customizing HTML Display Customizing the Table of Contents Customizing Your Presentations Opening Web Content in a New Window Customizing CD AutoPlay Creating a New Scan.hta File Editing an Existing Scan.hta File Getting a Jump Start on a Presentation Creating a Microsoft PowerPoint Template Annotating Slides for Your Presentation Switching Published Video Files Copying a Published Presentation Creating Custom Publishing Solutions Customizing Registry Keys Custom Publishing with E-services Displaying a Custom Publish Wizard Building a Simple E-service Making Your E-service Public Taking the Next Step Glossary Index About the Authors
jQuery provides functions for adding effects to and animating the items on your page. Functions include show, hide, fadeIn, fadeOut, fadeTo, slideDown, slideUp, animate, and more.
Tip In general, it is considered good practice to have foreign keys always refer to primary keys, although foreign keys may also reference unique keys.
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