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Another data series was added to the chart by changing its data range (now D5:G17) . Its line is not displayed at all; the alert symbols are only shown if the described problem is to be visualized . The width of column G was decreased so that its content can t be seen . The formulas stored there ensure that the result in the respective cell is either the error value #N/A (data point is not displayed) or the value 16,500 (data point is displayed) . For the displayed example =IF($F6<$E6,16500,#N/A), the message to Excel is: If the value in cell F6 is less than the value of cell E6 (if the revenues are lower than the costs), then set the value 16,500, otherwise #N/A . Why 16,500 The scaling of the primary vertical axis still starts at 16,000 . The line originating from column G is to be at the lower border of the plot area at all times . If some of its symbols become visible, they are to appear directly on the edge of the plot area .
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Case Scenario 1: Selecting the Proper Events to Use
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Berczuk, Stephen P. and Brad Appleton. Software Configuration Management Patterns: Effective Teamwork, Practical Integration, Boston, Mass.: Addison Wesley, 2003. Fowler, Martin. UML Distilled: A Brief Guide to the Standard Object Modeling Language, 3d Ed, Boston, Mass.: Addison Wesley, 2003. Glass, Robert L. Software Creativity, Reading, Mass.: Addison Wesley, 1995. Kaner, Cem, Jack Falk, Hung Q. Nguyen. Testing Computer Software, 2d Ed., New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1999. Larman, Craig. Applying UML and Patterns: An Introduction to Object-Oriented Analysis and Design and the Unified Process, 2d Ed., Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice Hall, 2001. McConnell, Steve. Rapid Development. Redmond, WA: Microsoft Press, 1996. Wiegers, Karl. Software Requirements, 2d Ed. Redmond, WA: Microsoft Press, 2003. Manager s Handbook for Software Development , NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Downloadable from
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When a DNS client needs to look up a name used by an application, it queries DNS servers to resolve the name. Each query message the client sends contains the follow ing three pieces of information:
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2. In the Publish Cloud Service dialog box, enter the deployment information required to deploy your application to Windows Azure. 3. At the bottom of the Publish Cloud Service dialog box, select the Enable IntelliTrace for .NET 4 roles check box, and then click OK to publish your application. 4. After deployment is complete and the application is executing, open Server Explorer and expand the Windows Azure Compute node to show a list of attached services. 5. If the service you have deployed is not shown in the list, right-click the Windows Azure Compute node, point to Add Slot, and then click New. Enter the credentials to connect to the service. 6. In the list of services under the Windows Azure Compute node, you will see the word IntelliTrace in brackets after the service name and deployment state for services that have IntelliTrace enabled. Expand the enabled service node to show a list of roles and expand the role you want to view to show the role instances. The icon for the instance indicates if it is executing, paused, or stopped. 7. Right-click a role instance in a service that has IntelliTrace enabled, and then click View IntelliTrace Logs to start downloading the data. After the download completes, the IntelliTrace data opens in a Visual Studio window. 8. To examine details of the IntelliTrace data, select an exception on the Exception Data page, and then click Start Debugging or double-click a thread in the list. This opens the IntelliTrace window where you can browse and filter, and view the call stack. 9. To step through your local code using the downloaded IntelliTrace data, open the code, right-click a code line, and then click Search For This Line In IntelliTrace. Select a role instance from the list that displays. You can then step through the code and view the values of variables, the call stack, and other useful debugging information. Note: You should enable IntelliTrace only while debugging an application or role. When IntelliTrace is enabled, the application and roles will not automatically restart after a failure. This allows Windows Azure to persist the IntelliTrace data about the failure. You must manually restart the application or role.
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Indicates the schema name of the entity you want to reference for the permissions check. Specifies the permissions needed to display this subarea. Valid values: A comma-separated list with no spaces, made up of these possible values: All AllowQuickCampaign Append AppendTo Assign Create Delete Read Share Write UseInternetMarketing
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One option is to code the else clause with a null statement if necessary to show that the else case has been considered. Coding null elses just to show that that case has been considered might be overkill, but at the very least, take the else case into account. When you have an if test without an else, unless the reason is obvious, use comments to explain why the else clause isn t necessary. Here s an example:
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Web single sign-on (Web SSO). A process that enables partnering organizations to exchange user authentication and authorization data. By using Web SSO, users in partner organizations can transition between secure Web domains without having to present credentials at each domain boundary. Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). A component of the Windows operating system that enables Web services. Windows identity. User information maintained by Active Directory. Windows Identity Foundation (WIF). A .NET Framework library that enables applications to use claims-based identity and access control. WS-Federation. The WS-Federation standard de nes mechanisms that are used to enable identity, attribute, authentication, and authorization federation across different trust realms. This standard includes an interoperable use of HTTP redirection in order to request security tokens. WS-Federation Authentication Module (FAM). A component of the Windows Identity Foundation that performs claims processing. WS-Federation Passive Requestor Pro le. WS-Federation Passive Requester Pro le describes how the cross-trust realm identity, authentication, and authorization federation mechanisms de ned in WS-Federation can be used by passive requesters such as Web browsers to provide identity services. Passive requesters of this pro le are limited to the HTTP protocol. WS-Policy. A Web standard that speci es how Web services may advertise their capabilities and requirements to potential clients. WS-Security. The WS-Security standard consists of a set of protocols designed to help secure Web service communication using SOAP. WS-Trust. A standard that takes advantage of WS-Security to provide Web services with methods to build and verify trust relationships. X.509. A standard format for certi cates. X.509 certi cate. A digitally signed statement that includes the issuing authority s public key.v
the RADIUS services to ensure credentials are not compromised, because the RADIUS server is not physically attached to the VPN server.
Adds, deletes, or lists printers on a Windows print server.
You will get back the first 10 rows based on OrderDate and OrderID ordering. Notice in the code that you can inspect the output parameter to determine whether there are no more pages (@rc = 0), or whether you've reached the last page (@rc < 10). Query the #CachedPages temporary table, and you will find that 10 rows were cached: SELECT * FROM #CachedPages;
IFormattable specifies the implementation of an overloaded ToString method that supports the rendering of numeric types to strings. Format specifiers and localization settings provide extensive control over the format of the string representation. See the "Formatting Numbers" section later in this chapter for more information.
Looking up customer information when a subscriber calls. Managing the list of in-network physicians. Identifying subscribers who are behind on payments. Analyzing claims to identify areas of high cost.
Projection: This operator results in a table with fewer columns, based on a specified set of attributes you want to see in the result. In other words, the result is a vertical subset of the input table. Union: This operator merges the rows of two input tables into a single output table; the result contains all rows that occur in at least one of the input tables. Intersection: This operator also accepts two input tables; the result consists of all rows that occur in both input tables. Minus: Again, based on two input tables, this operator produces a result that consists of those rows that occur in the first table but do not occur in the second table. Note that this operator is not symmetric; A MINUS B is not the same as B MINUS A. This operator is also referred to as difference. (Cartesian) product: From two input tables, all possible combinations are generated by concatenating a row from the first table with a row from the second table. (Natural) Join: From two input tables, one result table is produced. The rows in the result consist of all combinations of a row from the first table with a row from the second table, provided both rows have identical values for the common attributes.
Table 15-3 lists the properties defined in the ILease interface.
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