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FIGURE 11-16 The Add Mirror dialog box
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Listing 7-8. Tapestry Application Configuration File <!DOCTYPE application PUBLIC "-//Apache Software Foundation//Tapestry Specification 4.0//EN" "http://jakarta.apache.org/tapestry/dtd/Tapestry_4_0.dtd"> <application name="Tapestry Demo"> <!-- =================================================================== --> <!-- Global location for page Java implementations --> <!-- =================================================================== --> <meta key="org.apache.tapestry.page-class-packages" value="com.integrallis.time" /> </application> Figure 7-8 shows a graphical depiction of the application element.
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The polling interface available through the Polls component allows you to set up and edit an online poll that is then displayed by the Poll module. All of the current polls are displayed in the Poll Manager (see Figure 7-26). This manager is a good place to check which polls are the most popular (by examining the Votes column) and the number of choices for each poll (the Options column).
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Configuring Registry Virtualization to Improve Application Compatibility
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To return all paths and distances, use similar logic to the one used in the digraph solution in the previous section. The difference here is that the distance is not just a level counter; it is the sum of the distances along the route from one city to the other. Run the code in Listing 9-40 to return all paths and distances in Roads.
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<!-- From Microsoft.Common.targets --> <Target Name="Clean" Condition=" '$(_InvalidConfigurationWarning)' != 'true' " DependsOnTargets="$(CleanDependsOn)" /> <!-- From Microsoft.WebDeployment.targets --> <Target Name="Clean"> <CreateProperty Value="true"> <Output TaskParameter="Value" PropertyName="Clean" /> </CreateProperty> </Target>
Note Many of the commands in this chapter modify data that is used in later chapters. It is important to issue the ROLLBACK commands indicated in this chapter or to recreate the tables and data before continuing to 7.
Description Number of pending requests for IKE negotiation for SA between IPSec peers. Number of IKE messages queued for processing. Number of failed outbound requests to establish SA since IPSec service started. Number of errors in receipt of IKE messages since IPSec service started. Number of errors during sending of IKE. Number of successive outbound requests to establish SAs. Number of IKE messages in IKE receive buffers. Number of failed authentication failures since the IPSec service started. If you cannot make an IPSec connection, check to see whether authenti cation failures increase during an attempt. If so, authentication is the issue. Check to see that shared secrets match, peers are members of the domain, and certificates are correct. Number of Main Mode negotiation failures. Attempt to communicate and see whether negotiation failures increase. If so, check authentication and security method settings for unmatched or incorrect configuration.
Stock Trader RI .xap structure
// Create a Task (it does not start running now) Task<Int32> t = new Task<Int32>(n => Sum((Int32)n), 1000000000); // You can start the task sometime later t.Start(); // Optionally, you can explicitly wait for the task to complete t.Wait(); // FYI: Overloads exist accepting timeout/CancellationToken // You can get the result (the Result property internally calls Wait) Console.WriteLine("The Sum is: " + t.Result); // An Int32 value
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