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Small Business Considerations
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Select Windows Server 2003 from the drop-down list (this should be the only choice in most SBS networks) and then click Raise to raise the domain functional level.
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Query the table T1Audit:
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16 Service Broker
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Licensing or Digital Rights Management Encryption
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static void Delete(int id)
FIGURE 10-22 Edit Build Qualities dialog box
$("h2").replaceWith ("<h1>Page Title</h1>");
Page 170 In Producer, video and audio files (and clips) can only be trimmed after they have been added to the timeline. You can trim files in different ways, such as by using the Set Start Trim Point and Set End Trim Point commands on the Clip menu. You can also quickly trim audio and video files by moving the trim handles that appear when a video or audio file is added to the timeline. A doublesided arrow indicates that you can adjust the starting or ending points of the audio or video. Figure 9.5 shows the trim handles for a selected video on the Video track of the timeline.
9 Logging In
You could use either one of the preceding code lines in a program because they produce identical strings in the assembly s metadata . However, the @ symbol before the string on the second line tells the compiler that the string is a verbatim string . In effect, this tells the compiler to treat backslash characters as backslash characters instead of escape characters, making the path much more readable in your source code . Now that you ve seen how to construct a string, let s talk about some of the operations you can perform on String objects .
I m sure that all of these rules about when you can and can t call an operator overload method seem very confusing and overly complicated . If compilers that supported operator overloading just didn t emit the specialname metadata flag, the rules would be a lot simpler, and programmers would have an easier time working with types that offer operator overload methods . Languages that support operator overloading would support the operator symbol syntax, and all languages would support calling the various op_ methods explicitly . I can t come up with any reason why Microsoft made this so difficult, and I hope that they ll loosen these rules in future versions of their compilers . For a type that defines operator overload methods, Microsoft recommends that the type also define friendlier public static methods that call the operator overload methods internally . For example, a public-friendly named method called Add should be defined by a type that overloads the op_Addition method . The third column in Tables 8-1 and 8-2 lists the recommended friendly name for each operator . So the Complex type shown earlier should be defined this way:
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