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It should be noted that it is illegal to define a type in which a reference type and a value type overlap . It is possible to define a type in which multiple reference types overlap at the same starting offset; however, this is unverifiable . It is legal to define a type in which multiple value types overlap; however, all of the overlapping bytes must be accessible via public fields for the type to be verifiable .
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Any object can be passed as a parameter for formatting, although only types that implement the IFormattable interface support format strings. Any type that doesn't implement IFormattable will always be rendered to a string using the inherited Object.ToString method, irrespective of any format strings provided. Attempts to use invalid format strings on IFormattable objects will cause a FormatException exception to be thrown. All of the simple types, as well as System.DateTime, System.TimeSpan, and System.Enum, implement IFormattable. We'll discuss some of the more common format strings in 8, "Numbers and Dates," but the .NET documentation provides complete coverage.
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The logon page serves two purposes in a-Expense. It authenticates the user by asking for credentials that are then checked against the password database, and it also copies application-speci c user pro le information into the ASP.NET s session state object for later use. Examples of pro le information are the user s full name, cost center, and assigned roles. The a-Expense application keeps its user pro le information in the same database as user passwords, which is typical for applications that use forms authentication. Note: a-Expense intentionally uses custom code for authentication, authorization, and pro les instead of using Membership, Roles, and Pro le providers. This is typical of legacy applications that might have been written before ASP.NET 2.0. In ASP.NET, adding forms authentication to a Web application has three parts: an annotation in the application s Web.con g le to enable forms authentication, a logon page that asks for credentials,
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Figure 2-5. New Java Project details
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<connectionStrings configProtectionProvider="RsaProtectedConfigurationProvider"> <EncryptedData Type="" xmlns=""> <EncryptionMethod Algorithm="" /> <KeyInfo xmlns=""> <EncryptedKey xmlns=""> <EncryptionMethod Algorithm="" /> <KeyInfo xmlns=""> <KeyName>Rsa Key</KeyName> </KeyInfo> <CipherData> <CipherValue>jHA75XUfC9PK7dyN4nSZZV1jNsTYfOS2BUudEmo8Fl3+vAYxRDkowZJ/g4wU hJanj2HCa1nhwHKfBZvaHmlQej9nYnsssYg3v0r89LvAkHoXz4fUclg6ywjWYkyvadqyBog S1GRsdwLhtGRgdkeF6I76w40o9wCOkxolFYYara4=</CipherValue> </CipherData> </EncryptedKey> </KeyInfo>
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13: Case Scenario Answers
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Open your webpage (markup) in Visual Studio. From the Tools menu, select Generate Local Resource. This causes Visual Studio to perform the following tasks:
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1. Install Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition, and configure the computer as a member server named CA1 in the domain. Note The auto-enrollment of remote access clients with the appropriate certif icate requires the creation and use of a Version 2 certificate template. Version 2 certificates are not available on or distributable by Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition, but they are distributable by Windows Server 2003, Enter prise Edition or Windows Server 2003, Datacenter Edition. 2. Configure the connection to the intranet segment with the IP address of, the subnet mask of, and the DNS server IP address of
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Examine the view that is created. In this case, the Customer table, as accessed via the model, is queried and the results are displayed in a table. Note that the Edit, Delete, Details, and Add New ActionLink items are added to the grid to allow users to interact with the data. Delete them for now (and delete the related <th/> tag). You might also want to trim some of the columns for display or edit the column names. Run the application. Select the Customers tab in the navigation area. Figure 14-6 shows sample results.
Run aspnet_regsql against your application s database to make sure Personalization and roles are enabled for the site . Add a WebPartManager to the page on which you wish to use WebPart controls . Add an EditorZone to the page . Add a WebZone to the page .
The code you imported refers to the database in the SessionState example . That s okay . If you want to, you can change it to the database in this application s App_Data directory, but that is not strictly necessary as long as the path points to an available database somewhere on your system . . 3 . . Examine in particular the GetInventory, the BindToInventory, and the Page_Load methods . Listing 15-1 shows the code .
Here s an example of a Path with a single arc segment, with these properties demonstrated:
/full/path/here/filename.txt Similarly, you can use File.expand_path to turn basic filenames into complete paths. For example: File.expand_path("text.txt")
Before leaving the discussion about compiler switches, I d like to spend a moment talking about response files . A response file is a text file that contains a set of compiler commandline switches . When you execute CSC .exe, the compiler opens response files and uses any switches that are specified in them as though the switches were passed to CSC .exe on the command line . You instruct the compiler to use a response file by specifying its name on the command line prepended by an @ sign . For example, you could have a response file called MyProject .rsp that contains the following text:
Objective 3.2 Answers 1.
Native Native CPU instructions (remaining members) ...
Authentication Protocols
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