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<Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White"> <controls:DockPanel LastChildFill="False"> <Button Content="Top Button" controls:DockPanel.Dock="Top" /> <Button Content="Left Button" controls:DockPanel.Dock="Left" /> <Button Content="Right Button" controls:DockPanel.Dock="Right" /> <Button Content="Bottom Button" controls:DockPanel.Dock="Bottom" /> </controls:DockPanel> </Grid> Once you have added this control, the result should appear as shown in Figure 3-23.
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As already shown, the SafeHandle-derived classes are extremely useful because they ensure that the native resource is freed when a garbage collection occurs . In addition to what we ve already discussed, SafeHandle offers two more capabilities . First, the CLR gives SafeHandlederived types special treatment when used in scenarios in which you are interoperating with unmanaged code . For example, let s examine the following code:
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14 Chars, Strings, and Working with Text
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section Using SQLite with Ruby to see SQL in action alongside Ruby.
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XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument(); doc.Load("SomeXmlFile.xml"); XmlNodeReader rdr = new XmlNodeReader(doc); while (rdr.Read()) { if (rdr.NodeType == XmlNodeType.Element) { System.Console.WriteLine("Node name = {0}", rdr.LocalName); } }
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You can also use ltered indexes to solve a common request related to enforcing data integrity. The UNIQUE constraint supported by SQL Server treats two NULLs as equal for the purposes of enforcing uniqueness. This means that if you de ne a UNIQUE constraint on a NULLable column, you are allowed only one row with a NULL in that column. In some cases, though, you
Objective 1.3 Questions 1.
Bubble Charts for Customer Analysis
Channels are defined using the <channels> element, as shown in the following example:
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