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CDs, DVDs, and Devices
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Lesson 4
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Earlier I mentioned that it s possible to create and work with arrays that have non-zero lower bounds . You can dynamically create your own arrays by calling Array s static CreateInstance method . Several overloads of this method exist, allowing you to specify the type of the elements in the array, the number of dimensions in the array, the lower bounds of each dimension, and the number of elements in each dimension . CreateInstance allocates memory for the array, saves the parameter information in the overhead portion of the array s memory block, and returns a reference to the array . If the array has two or more dimensions, you can cast the reference returned from CreateInstance to an ElementType[] variable (where ElementType is some type name), making it easier for you to access the elements in the array . If the array has just one dimension, in C#, you have to use Array s GetValue and SetValue methods to access the elements of the array . Here s some code that demonstrates how to dynamically create a two-dimensional array of System.Decimal values . The first dimension represents calendar years from 2005 to 2009 inclusive, and the second dimension represents quarters from 1 to 4 inclusive . The code iterates over all the elements in the dynamic array . I could have hard-coded the array s bounds into the code, which would have given better performance, but I decided to use System.Array s GetLowerBound and GetUpperBound methods to demonstrate their use:
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636 CHAPTER 26 Windows SBS Reliability and Performance Monitoring
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The Add method will return the new RegionManager that the view can retain for further access to the local scope.
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Automatic Memory Management (Garbage Collection)
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Stateful Services
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Utility Name Get MAC Address (Getmac .exe) Hostname (Hostname .exe) IP Configuration Utility (Ipconfig .exe) Name Server Lookup (Nslookup .exe) Net services commands (Net .exe) Netstat (Netstat .exe)
You ll need to restart your server at least once following these commands, and then Hyper-V will be installed and ready to con gure.
Java Example of Unbalanced Parentheses
5 . . Insert a line break tag (<br/>), drag a label from the Toolbox onto the page, and then select it as shown in the following graphic . (Notice how the Visual Studio 2010 Designer adorns the label with a small tag right above it, which helps you identify the label in the Designer when you select it .)
Listing 4-3. Creating and populating the Sales table
Gadgets don t have to stay anchored to the sidebar pane . You can drag them out to the desktop . Many respond to this action by enlarging themselves and making their features more visible and useful .
When the C# compiler sees code that is trying to get or set an indexer, the compiler actually emits a call to one of these methods. Some programming languages might not support parameterful properties. To access a parameterful property from one of these languages, you must call the desired accessor method explicitly. To the CLR, there s no difference between paramterless properties and parameterful properties, so you use the same System.Reflection.PropertyInfo class to find the association between a parameterful property and its accessor methods. The JIT compiler is also free to inline an accessor method s code into the calling method s code.
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