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I compared the performance of the two solutions and found them to be similar. However, the second solution is doubtless simpler and more intuitive, and that's a big advantage in terms of readability and maintenance. By the way, if you need to return the list of individual missing values as opposed to missing ranges, using the Nums table, the task is very simple: SELECT n FROM dbo.Nums WHERE n BETWEEN (SELECT MIN(col1) FROM dbo.T1) AND (SELECT MAX(col1) FROM dbo.T1) AND NOT EXISTS(SELECT * FROM dbo.T1 WHERE col1 = n);
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Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining Name Resolution (2.0)
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The output shows the database name, file type, total I/O (reads and writes) in megabytes, I/O stalls in seconds, I/O stalls in percent of the total for the whole system, and a row number indicating a position in the sorted list based on I/O stalls. Of course, if you want, you can calculate a percentage and row number based on I/O as opposed to I/O stalls, and you can also use running aggregation techniques to calculate a running percentage, as I demonstrated earlier. You might also be interested in a separation between the reads and writes for your analysis. In this output, you can clearly identify the three main elements involving most of the system's I/O stallsthe data portion of Performance, which scores big time; the log portion of Performance; and the data portion of tempdb. Obviously, you should focus on these three elements, with special attention to data activity against the Performance database. Regarding the bulk of our problemI/O against the data portion of the Performance databaseyou now need to drill down to the process level to identify the processes that involve most of the waits. As for the transaction log, you first need to check whether it's configured adequately. That is, whether it is placed on its own disk drive with no interference, and if so, whether the disk drive is fast enough. If the log happens to be placed on a slow disk drive, you might want to consider dedicating a faster disk for it. Once the logging activity exceeds the throughput of the disk drive, you start getting waits and stalls. You might be happy with dedicating a faster disk drive for the log, but then again, you might not have the budget or you might have already assigned the fastest disk you could for it. Keep in mind that the transaction log is written sequentially, so striping it over multiple disk drives won't help, unless you also have activities that read from the log (such as transaction log replication, or triggers in SQL Server 2000). You might also be able to optimize the processes that cause intensive logging by reducing their amount of logging. I'll elaborate on the transaction log and its optimization in 8. As for tempdb, there are many activitiesboth explicit and implicitthat might cause tension in tempdb to the point where it can become a serious bottleneck in the system. In fact, internally tempdb is used more heavily in SQL Server 2005 because of the new row-versioning technology incorporated in the engine. Row versioning is used for the new snapshot-based isolations, the special inserted and deleted tables in triggers, the new online index operations, and the new multiple active result sets (MARS). The new technology maintains an older, consistent version of a row in a linked list in tempdb. Typically, there's a lot of room for optimizing tempdb, and you should definitely give that option adequate attention. I'll elaborate on tempdb and on row versioning in Inside T-SQL Programming in the chapters that cover temporary tables, triggers, and transactions.
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To apply a certain execution plan in a case where the optimizer would normally opt for another plan that is more efficient, I had to use a table hint to force using the relevant index.
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The only way to permanently customize the order of items in a playlist is to save it as a custom playlist, using the same name or a different one . For instance, you might have copied a CD to your disk, in which case the track numbers define the order in which songs on that album are played . Or you might have created an Auto Playlist that finds tracks from your three favorite female vocalists that you ve rated with 4 or 5 stars . If you want to play the tracks in a sequence that can t be set by sorting a column in Details view, define your preferred custom order by following these steps:
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One of the things that doesn t get explicitly asked is how to partition your hard disk space. The default installation will put everything on a single partition that takes up all the space on your rst hard disk. SBS 2008 makes it fairly easy to move data such as user shares and Microsoft Exchange data to new locations whenever you want, so careful data matrix barcode
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Business goals
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If you re wondering why we ve dwelt on the alternatives to ASP.NET in a book about programming ASP.NET, the answer lies in the details of the implementation of ASP.NET and its predecessor, Active Server Pages (ASP). Understanding ISAPI is required for a deeper understanding of ASP and thus ASP.NET. During the beta of IIS 2.0, which became part of Windows NT 4.0, Microsoft introduced a new technology initially codenamed Denali. This was during Microsoft s Active period, and so the technology was eventually named Active Server Pages, or ASP. Several versions of ASP have been released, most notably the versions included with Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack (ASP 2.0 and IIS 4.0) and Windows 2000 (ASP 3.0 and IIS 5.0). For the purposes of this discussion, I ll consider ASP as a whole, without referring to version differences.
Subqueries, Table Expressions, and Ranking Functions
IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.Orders') IS NOT NULL DROP TABLE dbo.Orders;
MARKETING_DATA *marketingData = new MARKETING_DATA; marketingData.ComputeQuarterly(); marketingData.ComputeAnnual(); marketingData.Print(); delete marketingData; SALES_DATA *salesData = new SALES_DATA; salesData.ComputeQuarterly(); salesData.ComputeAnnual(); salesData.Print(); delete salesData; TRAVEL_DATA *travelData = new TRAVEL_DATA; travelData.ComputeQuarterly(); travelData.ComputeAnnual(); travelData.Print(); delete travelData;
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function ValidatorOnSubmit() { if (Page_ValidationActive) { ValidatorCommonOnSubmit(); } } // > </script> </form> </body> </html>
812 ChAPTER 13 Implementing User Profiles, Authentication, and Authorization
Local System
public event EventHandler PalindromeFound; // public event ArrayList alPalindromes = new ArrayList();
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