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5. Start Kerbtray and note that there are no Kerberos tickets. 6. Reconnect the network connection. 7. Start a Network Monitor capture on Computer1. 8. Map to the capture share on Computer1. You should use the name of the com puter in the path, in other words, \\Computer1\Capture. 9. From the Capture menu of Network Monitor, select Stop And View and answer the following questions. Were you successful
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15. Remoting
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FIGURE 4-50 Execution plan 1 with ltered index idx_territory5_orderdate
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7.9 The CURRENT_SCHEMA Setting
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approach is that developers write a bunch of code and ever-so-briefly decide whether it executes the good condition before throwing it over the wall to the testers. It goes without saying that you're asking for schedule slippage as well as a poor quality product when developers don't take responsibility for testing their code. In my opinion, a developer is a tester is a developer. I can't stress this enough: if a developer isn't spending at least 40 to 50 percent of his development time testing his code, he is not developing. A tester's job is to focus on issues such as fit and finish, stress testing, and performance testing. Finding a crash should be an extremely rare occurrence for a tester. If the code does crash, it reflects directly on the development engineer's competence. The key to developer testing is the unit test. Your goal is to execute as much of your code as possible to ensure that it doesn't crash and properly meets established specifications and requirements. Armed with solid unit test results, the test engineers can look for integration issues and systemwide test issues. We'll go over unit testing in detail in the section "Trust Yourself, but Verify (Unit Testing)" later in this chapter. Assert, Assert, Assert, and Assert I hope most of you already know what an assertion is, because it's the most important proactive programming tool in your debugging arsenal. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, here's a brief definition: an assertion declares that a certain condition must be true at a specific point in a program. The assertion is said to fail if the condition is false. You use assertions in addition to normal error checking. Traditionally, assertions are functions or macros that execute only in debug builds and bring up a message box telling you what condition failed. I extend the definition of assertions to include conditionally compiled code that checks conditions and assumptions that are too complex for a general assertion function or macro to handle. Assertions are a key component of proactive programming because they help developers and test engineers determine not just that bugs are present but also why the errors are happening. Even if you've heard of assertions and drop them in your code occasionally, you might not be familiar enough with them to use them effectively. Development engineers can never be too rich or too thin or use too many assertions. The rule of thumb I've always followed to judge whether I've used enough assertions is simple: I have enough assertions when my junior coworkers complain that they get multiple message boxes reporting assertion failures whenever they call into my code with invalid information or assumptions. If used sufficiently, assertions will tell you most of the information you need to diagnose a problem at the first sign of trouble. Without assertions, you'll spend considerable time in the debugger working backward from the crash searching for where things started to go wrong. A good assertion will tell you where and why a condition was invalid. A good assertion will also let you get into the debugger after a condition fails so that you can see the complete state of the program at the point of failure. A bad assertion tells you something's wrong, but not what, why, or where. A side benefit of using plenty of assertions is that they serve as outstanding additional documentation in your code. What assertions capture is your intent. I'm sure you go well out of your way to keep your design documents perfectly up to date, but I'm just as sure that a few random projects let their design documents slip through the cracks. By having good assertions throughout your code, the maintenance developer can see exactly what value ranges you expected for a parameter or what you anticipated would fail in a normal course of operation versus a major failure condition. Assertions will never replace proper comments, but by using them to capture the elusive "here's what I meant, which is not what the docs say," you can save a great deal of time later in the project. 63
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Part I:
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FIGURE 13-7 Modified Account Overview report
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Now that you ve reformatted your story template, the next step is to import your headlines into PowerPoint 2007. You ll do that with the BBP Storyboard Formatter a specially formatted PowerPoint 2007 le that takes care of a number of technical steps for you so that you don t have to take the time to apply them manually.
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Connecting to and Querying Data with LINQ
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Figure 3-20 Differentiated comparison of relative quantities in a stacked bar chart (100 percent)
In this practice, you create a version of the Address user control discussed in the text.
Figure 3-7. The StackPanel control orientations
Transitions and effects have names, just as clips do. You can also hover the mouse over a transition rectangle to see the name of that transition or over a blue star to see what effect you ve applied. To get precise information about when events occur in your movie-in-progress, switch to the timeline. Figure 18-11 shows a timeline view of the project displayed in Figure 18-10.
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