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In the previous section you ve learned how to use the Spring Framework for its basic dependency injection features (available via a BeanFactory) to Decouple a simple service interface from its implementation Configure a service declaratively via an XML file Easily switch the service from being a singleton or getting a new instance each time A BeanFactory is a very powerful construct that provides DI and basic service management, but for most applications (especially Web applications) you ll likely need to move up to using a Spring ApplicationContext. An ApplicationContext is a subinterface of BeanFactory and provides all the power of a BeanFactory along with many features typically needed by a fullfeatured application such as text message resolution, internationalization, resource loading, and more complete object life cycle management and notifications. From this point on we ll use a Spring application context in a Web application environment.
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The Interlocked Anything Pattern
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Initial Connection is the selected option.
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Point p = (Point) a[0];
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
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Lesson 2: LINQ and ADO.NET
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This output shows that Main s call to Dial calls the Dial method defined by Phone and inherited by BetterPhone. Then when Phone s Dial method calls the virtual EstablishConnection method, BetterPhone s EstablishConnection method is called because it overrides the virtual EstablishConnection method defined by Phone.
Description Provides a TextReader with no data to read. Provides a TextWriter that acts as a data sink. Closes the reader or writer. Returns the next character that will be returned with a Read method call. Reads either a single character or an array of characters. Performs a blocking read operation to obtain a specified number of characters. Reads a line of text, returned as a string. Reads all of the characters from the current position to the end of the reader, returned as a string. Creates a thread-safe wrapper around the reader or writer. Returns the Encoding that is used to write character data. Returns the object used to control formatting. See 7 for more information on formatting. Gets or sets the line separator string. Flushes any buffered data. Writes a range of types, including primitives and strings. Although there is an overloaded form that accepts an object argument, the object isn't serialized. The data written is the result of calling ToString on the argument value. Writes a range of types, including primitives and strings, followed by the line terminator string.
FIGURE 7-21 The Scanning Completed summary page of the SBS BPA
Cscript %Windir%\System32\ Printing_Admin_Scripts\en-US\Prrncfg.vbs
Shows a list of installed components as a tab in the Control Panel Regulates the display of the Administrator interface menu Lists the latest content items added to the site as a tab in the Control Panel Displays a list of users currently logged in to the site as a tab in the Control Panel Generates the menu statistics shown as the Menu Stats tab at the bottom of the main Control Panel screen Displays the number of users currently logged in to the site in the place header Displays the Administrator pathway Lists the most visited pages of the site as a tab in the Control Panel Adds fast access icons to the Control Panel Controls the messages for system-wide display in warnings, pop-ups, and dialog boxes Regulates the display of the Administrator icon toolbar Displays the number of unread Administrator messages in the queue in the place header
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