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The Waterfall method, also known as the traditional method, is the father of all methodologies. Now, it s considered by many to be a rather outdated development technology for software, but it s still the cornerstone of modern software development. It consists of breaking the software project into six or seven phases that must be processed in sequential order to deliver the final product. The input of each phase consists of the output of the preceding phase (see Figure B-1). Establishing the requirements is the first phase and can be divided in two as shown in Figure B-1. First, you must establish the system requirements of the project; at the end of this phase, you have a paper describing all the hardware needed for implementing, testing, and deploying the application. You also need the software platforms your application will be developed and tested on. The first two phases must include an opportunity study at the beginning and a feasibility study at the end. Basically, the first question is Do we really need this from
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future Oracle release. If you create a table and you use the VARCHAR datatype, the Oracle DBMS translates VARCHAR to VARCHAR2 on the fly. Therefore, this book refers to only the VARCHAR2 datatype. In cases where the maximum size of the VARCHAR2 datatype (4000) is insufficient for a specific column, you can use the CLOB (Character Large OBject) datatype. Table 3-2 shows some simple examples of character datatypes. Table 3-2. Character Datatype Examples
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The XmlDataSource control is typically used to read XML data. Unlike many of the other data source controls, it does not provide automatic attributes for inserting, deleting, updating, and saving XML data. Instead, you have to write your own custom code if you require this behavior.
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Guidelines for Designing User Interfaces
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Figure 6-7 : The RequiredTextBox control in Visual Studio .NET designer Listing 6-9 shows the code for WebForm1.aspx, which uses the RequiredTextBox control. Listing 6-9 WebForm1.aspx, used to test the RequiredTextBox control
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You add the ExceptionShielding attribute to a service implementation class or to a service contract interface, and use it to specify the name of the exception policy to use. If you do not specify the name of a policy in the constructor parameter, or if the specified policy is not defined in the configuration, the Exception Handling block will automatically look for a policy named WCF Exception Shielding.
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Find a page in your current application that takes a long time to load and provides a lot of user interaction. Add partial-page update to this page. When the page updates, use the UpdateProgress control to notify the user.
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One of the main reasons for using the Security block to manage identities is that it makes it easy to check if a user is authorized to perform a specified task or operation. The Security block contains two authorization providers, though you can create your own and integrate them with the Security block if you wish. To check if a user is authorized, you call the Authorize method of an authorization provider, passing to it the user principal and the name of the task or operation. The Authorize method returns either true or false. The two providers included in the block are the authorization rule provider and the AzMan authorization provider (for details of these providers, see What Are Authorization Rule Providers near the beginning of this chapter). The examples we present for this chapter include one that uses the authorization rule provider and one that uses the AzMan authorization provider. Using Security Block Configured Rules If you only need to store authorization rules within the configuration of your application and have them fully managed by the Security block, you can use the authorization rule
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Q. Why are preshared keys nonsecure
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New in SBS 2008 and Windows Server 2008 is the ability to extend existing partitions, even during the installation process. Although this isn t a feature that matters in completely new installations, it can be a useful feature when you re recycling a computer. You can extend a partition onto available unallocated space on the same disk.
You can t get rid of a spyware program
The Configuration Page field is an optional lookup field where you can select a web resource to include additional information about your solution that will display once installed. For instance, you could use this field to include an installation help page, a control to configure sample data, adding licensing information, and so on. The Configuration Page field allows you to include additional configuration steps in your solution, or associate a help file, if desired. Figure 5-7 shows an example of a Silverlight configuration page for a custom solution.
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