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In the .NET Framework, callback functions are just as useful and pervasive as in unmanaged Windows programming . However, the .NET Framework provides a type-safe mechanism called delegates . I ll start off the discussion of delegates by showing you how to use them . The following code demonstrates how to declare, create, and use delegates .
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You usually go to the active worksheet in a workbook by clicking the sheet name shown at the bottom of the screen . However, you won t be able to do this in a welldesigned presentation because the sheet selector will be hidden (to show them again, select Office button/Excel Options/Advanced/Display options for this workbook/Show sheet tabs) . You can press Ctrl+Page Down and Ctrl+Page up to scroll backward and forward through worksheets (even if their tabs are hidden) . Although often useful, particularly when similar worksheets are located close to one another, this method can be clumsy when navigating your way around a presentation, and may also cause errors .
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Selecting the Correct Orientation
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Part II
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This is the name of the .NET property that you are accessing the value of. This is a required parameter. The name of the MSBuild property in which the value should be placed. Either this or ItemName must be used, but not both. The name of the MSBuild item in which the value should be placed. Either this or PropertyName must be used, but not both.
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Use the collection editor to define three wizard steps. Set their Title properties to the following (in order): select Office, service Date, and summary. Figure 4-21 shows an example. When complete, close the WizardStep Collection Editor.
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An array is a data structure that allows single-step access to any item given its current ordinal position. In other words, if you need to inspect the 328th item, you can access it directly, without having to start at the rst item and move 327 steps forward. This kind of access to the items is called random access. If an array is named A, the item in ordinal position j is usually called A[j]. A list is a data structure that, like an array, keeps data in order but where items can be accessed only from the beginning (or from either the beginning or the end). This kind of access is called sequential access. If a list is called L, the rst element of the list is usually called the head item of the list, and the last item is called the tail item. If x is one of the items in L, the item before x is called its predecessor, and the item after L is called its successor. There s no standard notation for the item in ordinal position j of a list L because it can t be accessed directly. While arrays are optimized for random access, lists are typically optimized for inserting and deleting data. If the 219th item of a 1,000-item array is deleted, the last 781 items must be moved: the item that was 220th must be moved to the 219th position, the 221st to the 220th position, and so on. If an item is deleted from a list, its predecessor can simply consider its successor to come next.
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FiguRe 7-7 Execution plan for a solution to the recent orders exercise (using temporary tables)
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The brighter chart area sets itself apart from the background, but it is not imposing . It nevertheless gives the desired impression of being a supporting element . The very bright plot area and the figures displayed there draw us in . This is what it s all about . The observer does not have to find anything himself . Instead, he is guided to the most important area .
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Diagnostics and Plumbing
To make changes to the settings for any user or group in the list, or to add or remove a user or group in the list, click Edit. This extra click, which is new in Windows Vista, reduces the likelihood of inadvertent changes while viewing permissions. The resulting dialog box, shown in Figure 29-2 on the next page, includes Add and Remove buttons, along with check boxes for setting permissions.
Page 22
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Instance Constructors and Classes (Reference Types)
23 Assembly Loading and Reflection
If you want to do this in C#, there is no alert box, so you could display the content of the CurrentState property in the TextBlock like this:
Part II Designing Types
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