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Installing the Second Server
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Figure 10-4: At the end of the editing phase, the updated DataSet object is resaved as a DiffGram and the pending changes are displayed. The child form allows you to set errors and enter any type of changes. When the form is dismissed, the main application automatically saves the bound DataSet object back to a DiffGram and refreshes the user interface. As a result, you can easily test the DiffGram and view how the output varies after data changes. A nice feature of the DiffGram Viewer application is that it lets you toggle the DiffGram view between plain text and XML. The XML view is provided by Internet Explorer, as shown in Figure 10-5.
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How to Assert The first rule when using assertions is to check a single item at a time. If you check multiple conditions with just one assertion, you have no way of knowing which condition caused the failure. In the following example, I show the same function with two assertion checks. Although the assertion in the first function will catch a bad parameter, the assertion won't tell you which condition failed or even which of the three parameters is the offending one. // The wrong way to write an assertion. Which parameter was bad BOOL GetPathItem ( int i , LPTSTR szItem , int iLen ) { ASSERT ( ( i > 0 ( NULL != szItem ( ( iLen > 0 ) && ( iLen < MAX_PATH ) ) && ) && ) &&
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Lesson 2: Working with Data-Bound Web Server Controls
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you ll certainly be able to take some action to help things run more smoothly . For relevant information and instructions, open Windows Help and Support and search for color management .
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// Module C is referenced in the project and directly in code. this.AggregateCatalog.Catalogs.Add( new AssemblyCatalog(typeof(ModuleC.ModuleC).Assembly)); }
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Using Windows Media Center . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 689
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containing the binaries, and then uses it to update the registry. Because updating the registry is a privileged operation, a User Account Control (UAC) prompt will appear if you do not have elevated privileges. Note: At most, one copy of the binaries can be registered using the script. If multiple copies of the Prism Library are registered, only the binaries for the last registered copy will be available in Visual Studio.
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private static T Min<T>(T o1, T o2) { if (o1.CompareTo(o2) < 0) return o1; return o2; }
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20 Exceptions and State Management
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You need to create a webpage that is available in both the default language of English and for users whose browsers identify them as German. Which of the following resource files should you create (Choose all that apply.)
The following code shows how to define a type that implements this interface and also shows code that clones an object:
SELECT custid, companyname FROM Sales.CustsWithOrders WHERE companyname = N'Customer ABCDE';
10. Click the Option button and select None in the Formatting section of the Web Query Options dialog box. Click OK to return to the New Web Query dialog box. 11. Click Import to return the user data to Excel. 12. Enter the team s name in cell B1.
Sample of C# Code [assembly: System.Web.UI.WebResource("AjaxEnabled.PassTextBox.js", "text/ javascript")]
VPNs provide a solution that allows a department s LAN to be physically connected to the organization s internetwork but technically shielded and protected by a VPN
The person who wrote the design or code plays a relatively minor role in the inspection. Part of the goal of an inspection is to be sure that the design or code speaks for itself. If the design or code under inspection turns out to be unclear, the author will be assigned the job of making it clearer. Otherwise, the author s duties are to explain parts of the design or code that are unclear and, occasionally, to explain why things that seem like errors are actually acceptable. If the project is unfamiliar to the reviewers, the author might present an overview of the project in preparation for the inspection meeting.
12. In the next screen, you re asked to configure the database cluster. Choose the settings depending on your particular requirements. For example, it may be safe to choose the default encoding to UTF-8 if you intend to store text that s not supported by the default encoding. 13. Click Next, make sure the selected procedural language PL/pgsql is selected, and click Next again. 14. In the Enable Contrib Modules screen, select TSearch2, which will be used for full-text searching, and click Next twice to install PostgreSQL.
6. Advanced Language Features // Use indirection (*) to set value of int pointed to by SomePtr *SomePtr = 300;
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