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Print Quick Response Code in .NET Exercise 3 (Optional): Testing the RADIUS Configuration

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RawXML.Append(SimpleSummaryComment(Func.Name, "function")) Else RawXML.AppendFormat("<summary>{0}", vbCrLf) For Each Node In Nodes RawXML.AppendFormat("{0}{1}", Node.InnerXml, vbCrLf) Next RawXML.AppendFormat("</summary>{0}", vbCrLf) End If ' Get the remarks node. Nodes = XmlDocOrig.GetElementsByTagName("remarks") If (Nodes.Count > 0) Then RawXML.AppendFormat("<remarks>{0}", vbCrLf) For Each Node In Nodes RawXML.AppendFormat("{0}{1}", Node.InnerXml, vbCrLf) Next RawXML.AppendFormat("</remarks>{0}", vbCrLf) ElseIf (True = m_FuncShowsRemarks) Then RawXML.AppendFormat("<remarks>{0}TODO - Add {1} function " + _ "remarks comment{0}</remarks>", _ vbCrLf, Func.Name) End If ' Get any parameters described in the doc comments. Nodes = XmlDocOrig.GetElementsByTagName("param") ' Does the function have parameters If (0 <> Func.Parameters.Count) Then ' Slap any existing doc comment params into a hash table with ' the parameter name as the key. Dim ExistHash As New Hashtable() For Each Node In Nodes Dim ParamName As String Dim ParamText As String ParamName = Node.Attributes("name").InnerXml ParamText = Node.InnerText ExistHash.Add(ParamName, ParamText) Next 374
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If you had multiple queries in your stored procedure, the RECOMPILE procedure option would cause all of them to get recompiled every time the procedure ran . Of course, that s a waste of resources if only some of the queries would benefit from recompiles whereas others would benefit from plan reuse . SQL Server 2008 supports statement-level recompiles . Instead of having all queries in the stored procedure recompiled, SQL Server can recompile individual statements . You can request a statement-level recompile by specifying a query hint called RECOMPILE (not to be confused with the RECOMPILE procedure option) . This way, other queries can benefit from reusing previously cached execution plans if you don t have a reason to recompile them every time the stored procedure is invoked . Run the following code to alter the procedure, specifying the RECOMPILE query hint:
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In this chapter, you ll learn about the special considerations that apply to applications that establish many trust relationships. Although the basic building blocks of federated identity issuers, trust, security tokens and claims are the same as what you saw in the previous chapter, there are some identity and authorization requirements that are particular to the case of multiple trust relationships. This chapter also shows how use the ASP.NET MVC framework to build a claimsaware application. In some Web applications, such as the one shown in this chapter, users and customers represent distinct concepts. A customer of an application can be an organization, and each customer can have many individual users, such as employees. If the application is meant to scale to large numbers of customers, the enrollment process for new customers must be as streamlined as possible. It may even be automated. As with the other chapters, it is easiest to explain these concepts in the context of a scenario.
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Additional Resources on Software Estimation
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Part II
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public WebForm1() { Page.Init += new System.EventHandler(Page_Init); }
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Part III Caching and State Management
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In this example, the changed areas have been highlighted. Inside the PrintCon g2 target a new property, OutputPath, is created using the PropertyGroup element. This new property will contain the value of the Configuration property followed by dest\. After that, the newly created property, as well as the value of the Con guration property are printed out. Figure 3-2 shows the result of running this script.
Whichever method of inserting a photo you use, the photo automatically lls the Picture placeholder that you added to the custom layout, lling the right half of the screen. Although the original photo is horizontal, the Picture placeholder has automatically cropped the photo to ll the vertical space. If sizing photos is not your talent, this feature has taken care of things for you. To resize or recrop the photo the way you want, select the picture, as shown in Figure 8-13, and use the tools on the Picture Tools tab to make adjustments.
A relational DBMS is supposed to treat missing information in a systematic and context-insensitive manner. If a value is missing for a specific attribute of a row, it is not always possible to decide whether a certain condition evaluates to true or false. Missing information is represented by null values in the relational world. The term null value is actually misleading, because it does not represent a value; it represents the fact that a value is missing. For example, null marker would be more appropriate. However, null value is the term most commonly used, so this book uses that terminology. Figure 1-2 shows how null values appear in a partial listing of the EMPLOYEES table.
Figure 19-2: Model optimized system The process of finding the most commonly called functions so that you can reorder them is called working set tuning and is a two-stage process. The first stage is to determine which functions are called the most, and the second stage is to tell the linker how to order the functions so that everything is packed together. The work involved in counting the function executions is all hidden by SWS, and I'll discuss how you do it in the next section, "Using SWS." Telling the linker what order to put the functions in is fairly trivial. You do this through the /ORDER command-line option to LINK.EXE. The parameter to the /ORDER option is simply a text file, called the order file, which lists each function on a single line in the order in which you want them to appear. Interestingly, each of the functions listed in the order file must be in its full-name decorated glory. Essentially, the idea behind SWS is to produce the order file for your application. Those of you who are old Microsoft Windows salts like me might have the initials WST floating around in the back of your head right now. WST stands for Working Set Tuner. It was a tool that Microsoft used to distribute with the Platform SDK to do, well, working set tuning. However, you might also remember three distinct facts about WST: the first is that it was extremely difficult to use, the second is that it was broken quite a bit, and the third is that it's no longer on the Platform SDK. SWS is a much easier-to-use replacement for WST. For more background on working set tuning and an excellent primer on Windows performance, I strongly suggest you see whether you can find Volume 4 of the Microsoft Windows NT 3.51 Resource Kit, Optimizing Windows NT (Microsoft Press, 1995), which was written by Russ Blake and is an excellent introduction to the topic. Russ was in charge of performance tuning on the Microsoft Windows NT team. The book used to be on MSDN, but alas, it's since disappeared. Russ's team developed WST and in his book, Russ says you should see a 35 50 percent reduction in your working set after using a working set tuning tool. Any time your application can lose that much fat, you should sit up and take notice! 671
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