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Figure 7-41 Managing conditional formatting
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Here s a summary of the results, with the addition of comparable results in several other languages:
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Query Tuning
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Part I
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Developing a Dialog
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Now look carefully at the output and see whether you can gure out how to produce the row numbers. The row number can be expressed as the number of rows with a smaller sort value, plus the row number within the same sort value group in other words, n + smaller. The following query is the nal solution:
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IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.proc1', 'P') IS NOT NULL DROP PROC dbo.proc1; IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.proc2', 'P') IS NOT NULL DROP PROC dbo.proc2;
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Open Only The First Home Page When Internet Explorer Starts This option allows you to define multiple pages as your home page without slowing you down when you first open Internet Explorer. By selecting this option, you load only the top item in the Home Page list at startup but can open all the pages in that list later by clicking the Home Page icon on the Command bar. Open New Tabs Next To The Current Tab If you regularly keep a large number of tabs open, consider disabling this option, which is on by default. If you have 15 tabs open and you click to open a new tab in the background, you might have trouble finding the newly opened page in the list. With this option cleared, new tabs always appear at the right side of the tab row, and you can drag them into a different position if you prefer.
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IP GRE PPP Encrypted PPP payload header header header (IP datagram)
Migrating Settings and Data
Table 3-3
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Page 90 they are connected to the Internet when watching your presentation, these codecs are automatically downloaded to their computers, without any need for user intervention. How Video Works In the next sections, there will be some discussion of video frames. This section provides a brief primer on video, particularly the concept of video frames . If you know what frames of video are, then you can skip this section. If you are not sure what video frames are, then you might want to read this section. A frame of video is similar to a picture a single picture in a series of pictures that shows motion. The quality of video is measured in frames per second, and the more frames per second you can display, the more smoothly the action in the video is shown. This is because the amount of movement between each video picture is smaller, so more detail of the movement is captured. The fewer frames per second there are in video, the more potential there is for the video to seem jerky because the amount of change between frames is greater. DVD-quality video is displayed at 30 frames per second. For example, imagine a video of a ball rolling across the ground. If the ball moves 10 feet in the video and the video is shot with 10 frames per second, that means the ball moves one foot between frames. If you shot the video at 30 frames per second, then the ball moves four inches between frames. It would be much easier to tell that a ball moved one foot between frames than it would be tell the ball moved four inches between frames, especially if you saw the two pictures flash before your eyes in a tenth of a second. So why not shoot all video at 30 frames per second Because the more frames per second, the larger the video file will be. As with everything you are going to use in your presentation, the quality of the video you use requires tradeoffs. Are you going to have a larger video file in your presentation because you want smooth video, or are you going to have a smaller video file and be content with video that is a little less smooth How Codecs Work Codecs compress audio and video in a variety of ways. One common technique they use to reduce the file size is to look for and remove repetitive information. For example, if you make a recording of someone talking, the video recording probably won t contain much movement, especially in the background. This will be particularly true if you use a tripod when you are recording, which keeps the video camera still, thereby minimizing any changes to the background that would be introduced by the camera moving. Therefore, the video data needed to display the background is mostly repeated from one frame of video to the next. A codec can analyze the video information and see that there is repeated information the stationary background in the video. Because the background does not change much, it does not need to be redrawn as the video plays on the computer, so the codec can elimi-
If a client computer has been assigned an address in use by another computer on the network, a warning message informing you of this conflict appears in the system tray. You can also learn about such address conflicts in the System log, which you can access through Event Viewer. Figure 8-7 shows this type of warning message.
As indicated by the last bullet, a big part of CSP has to do with versioning . Components will change over time and components will ship on different time schedules . Versioning introduces a whole new level of complexity for CSP that didn t exist with OOP, with which all code was written, tested, and shipped as a single unit by a single company . In this section, I m going to focus on component versioning . In .NET, a version number consists of four parts: a major part, a minor part, a build part, and a revision part . For example, an assembly whose version number is 1 .2 .3 .4 has a major part of 1, a minor part of 2, a build part of 3, and a revision part of 4 . The major/minor parts are typically used to represent a consistent and stable feature set for an assembly and the build/ revision parts are typically used to represent a servicing of this assembly s feature set . Let s say that a company ships an assembly with version 2 .7 .0 .0 . If the company later wants to fix a bug in this component, they would produce a new assembly in which only the build/ revision parts of the version are changed, something like version 2 .7 .1 .34 . This indicates that the assembly is a servicing whose intention is to be backward compatible with the original component (version 2 .7 .0 .0) . On the other hand, if the company wants to make a new version of the assembly that has significant changes to it and is therefore not intended to be backward compatible with the original assembly, the company is really creating a new component and the new assembly should be given a version number in which the major/minor parts are different from the existing component (version 3 .0 .0 .0, for example) . Note I have just described how you should think of version numbers . Unfortunately, the CLR
The first Silverlight sample to see the light of day (back when Silverlight was called WPF/E) is the clock example. You can see what it looks like in Figure 15-9. This is a great sample of a Silverlight application because it demonstrates many of the principles of programming in Silverlight. The clock itself requires no programming to operate it is all managed by Silverlight animations, and all you need to do is initialize the clock hands to the starting position based on the system time.
Server: Msg 512, Level 16, State 1, Procedure trg_T1_i, Line 7 Subquery returned more than 1 value. This is not permitted when the subquery follows =, !=, <, <= , >, >= or when the subquery is used as an expression. The statement has been terminated.
Listing 31-16. Abstract example of using begin and end as block boundaries.
The ImageButton Control
Be careful with the Advanced Appearance dialog box
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