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The content page is the resource that users invoke through the browser. Let s call it withmaster.aspx. When the user points her browser to this page, the output in Figure 2-3 is shown.
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private static void DifferentDataLinkedList() { Node head = new TypedNode<Char>('.'); head = new TypedNode<DateTime>(DateTime.Now, head); head = new TypedNode<String>("Today is ", head); Console.WriteLine(head.ToString()); }
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Table 8-3 presents additional server log event ID codes and descriptions. These codes pertain to the Active Directory authorization status of the DHCP server. Unlike the preceding events, these events are not described in the log file. Therefore, you should become familiar with these codes or use Windows Server 2003 Help to assist you when you need to determine what a code represents.
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18 Custom Attributes
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After the BeforeInitializeWorkspace extensibility target has been invoked the CoreInitializeWorkspace target will either:
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Output caching Session state Windows authentication Forms authentication Passport authentication Role manager URL authorization File authorization Anonymous identification Profile ErrorHandlerModule ServiceModule-4 .0 ScriptModule-4 .0
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if ( ( WM_KEYDOWN {
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using System; using Microsoft.Modeling; namespace Model { static class Stopwatch { static bool modeTime = true; static bool stopperRunning = false; [Action] static void ModeButton() { modeTime = !modeTime; } [Action] static void StartStopButton() { Contracts.Requires(!modeTime); stopperRunning = !stopperRunning; } [Action] static void ResetButton() { Contracts.Requires(!modeTime); Contracts.Requires(stopperRunning); stopperRunning = false; } [Action] static bool IsStopping() { return stopperRunning; } } }
Using File Server Resource Manager
Add an item to the Content Library easily by right-clicking it.
IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.SQLSigTSQL', 'FN') IS NOT NULL DROP FUNCTION dbo.SQLSigTSQL; GO CREATE FUNCTION dbo.SQLSigTSQL (@p1 NVARCHAR(MAX), @parselength INT = 4000) RETURNS NVARCHAR(4000) -- This function was developed at Microsoft -- and included in this book with their permission. --- This function is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, -- and confers no rights. -- Use of included script samples are subject to the terms specified at -- http://www.microsoft.com/info/cpyright.htm --- Strips query strings AS BEGIN DECLARE @pos AS INT; DECLARE @mode AS CHAR(10); DECLARE @maxlength AS INT;
When the Klist Tickets command is used, the following information is displayed:
7 . . Run the page to see what happens . When you click the button that executes the long-running operation, you should see the UpdateProgress control show its content automatically . This graphic shows the UpdateProgress control in action:
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