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You can use the Change Status action to change the status of the record on which the dialog process is running, a related record, or a record created during the dialog process.
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Important Extension methods are the cornerstone of Microsoft s Language Integrated Query
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chapter, Extending the Bot.
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// Build the SQL query $sql = 'SELECT customer_add(:name, :email, :password);'; // Build the parameters array $params = array (':name' => $name, ':email' => $email, ':password' => $hashed_password); // Prepare the statement with PDO-specific functionality $result = DatabaseHandler::Prepare($sql); // Execute the query and get the customer_id $customer_id = DatabaseHandler::GetOne($result, $params); if ($addAndLogin) $_SESSION['hatshop_customer_id'] = $customer_id; return $customer_id; } public static function Get($customerId = null) { if (is_null($customerId)) $customerId = self::GetCurrentCustomerId(); // Build the SQL query $sql = 'SELECT * FROM customer_get_customer(:customer_id);'; // Build the parameters array $params = array (':customer_id' => $customerId); // Prepare the statement with PDO-specific functionality $result = DatabaseHandler::Prepare($sql); // Execute the query and return the results return DatabaseHandler::GetRow($result, $params); } public static function UpdateAccountDetails($name, $email, $password, $dayPhone, $evePhone, $mobPhone, $customerId = null) { if (is_null($customerId)) $customerId = self::GetCurrentCustomerId(); $hashed_password = PasswordHasher::Hash($password); // Build the SQL query $sql = 'SELECT customer_update_account(:customer_id, :name, :email, :password, :day_phone, :eve_phone, :mob_phone);'; // Build the parameters array
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public partial class _Default : System.Web.UI.Page { string sessionString; protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
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This event is used for cleanup code. You can use it to manually release resources, a process that is rarely necessary.
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Deploying IAS as a RADIUS Server
ChaPtER 10 ChaPtER 11 ChaPtER 12
respectively, but the effect they have on the overall schema and contained types is not yet perceived. Immediately after reading a schema, however, you can edit its child items by adding new elements and removing existing ones. When you have finished, you compile the schema and, if all went fine, save it to disk. Compiling the schema prior to persisting changes is not strictly necessary to get a valid schema, but it helps to verify whether any errors were introduced during editing. The following applet reads a schema from disk, verifies that it contains a particular complex type, and then extends the structure of the type by adding a new element. The type processed is AddressType, which is edited with the addition of a new <provinceInitials>node. The node is expected to contain the first two uppercase initials of the province. void EditComplexTypes(string filename) { // Open and read the XML reader into a schema object XmlSchema schema; XmlTextReader reader = new XmlTextReader(filename); schema = XmlSchema.Read(reader, null); reader.Close(); // Verify that the AddressType complex type is there XmlSchemaComplexType "AddressType"); if (ct == null) { Console.WriteLine("No type [AddressType] found."); return; } // Create the new <provinceInitials> element XmlSchemaElement provElem = new XmlSchemaElement(); provElem.Name = "provinceInitials"; // Define the in-line type of the element XmlSchemaSimpleType provinceType = new XmlSchemaSimpleType(); XmlSchemaSimpleTypeRestriction provinceRestriction; provinceRestriction = new XmlSchemaSimpleTypeRestriction(); provinceRestriction.BaseTypeName XmlQualifiedName("string", "http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema"); provinceType.Content = provinceRestriction; // Set the (in-line) type of the element provElem.SchemaType = provinceType; 101 = new ct = GetComplexType(schema,
This command tells RDoc to process person.rb and produce the HTML documentation. By default, it does this by creating a directory called doc from the current directory and placing its HTML and CSS files in there. Once RDoc has completed, you can open index.html, located within doc, and you should see some basic documentation, as in Figure 8-1. The HTML documentation is shown with three frames across the top containing links to the documented files, classes, and methods, respectively, and a main frame at the bottom containing the documentation being viewed at present. The top three frames let you jump between the various classes and methods with a single click. In a large set of documentation, this quickly becomes useful.
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